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‘How I envy the cup that moves your lips’ is a collaborative exhibition by 
the three artists Simon Ferdinando, Paul Glazier and Arthur Neve, all of 
whom are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The exhibition will be taking 
place in Galeria Atelier 35, Bucharest, from june 5th- 23th.

Whilst traveling through Romania in 2001 Arthur Neve was caught up between a 
romantic admiration of the rural way of life in the countryside and the 
knowledge that this was probably dictated by necessity rather than choice. 
Besides his own envious feelings he was also aware that he was being envied 
for his freedom to travel, freedom of speech and his apparent wealth.

Although the three artists in this exhibition will be showing works 
conceived and executed individually it is one of the principal objectives of 
the show that the works will work together as a whole. These works were 
arrived at through ongoing discussions around the theme of ENVY from various 
viewpoints: literal, poetic, political, moral and philosophical. Arriving at 
a distinctly diverse range of conclusions the works in themselves become 
tools to examine the theme of ENVY beyond the process of verbal or written 

Artist’s Statements:

Paul Glazier:

Envy towards a desired object is always mediated through a secondary person. 
This, unlike avarice, requires a degree of identification with the envied 
person, thus opening a pathway for complex and often ambivalent emotion.
In ENGVY for five voices I play with the possible directions and axes along 
which this emotions plays.
What is the emotion?
It is the desire to have something that someone else has in the belief that 
this will either directly or indirectly increase your happiness. It is an 
imagining of yourself in a happier self. In this sense the envied person is 
often only   symbolic and the object of envy often superfluous – empty: 
simply an imagined vehicle for an imagined happiness; it becomes an empty 
box into which we can project our desires and give form to our 

Simon Ferdinando:

As his breathing calms, the symphonic confluence of bodies now enters the 
past, slackening spine, muscles bones and belly, the massive body now just 
heavy, is made delicate as early evening shadows tie laces across his back. 
Obscured by the sheet he is slipping into unguarded sleep. With the coming 
night the cooling air brings a warm scent of shit, drifting in from the 
swamp mingling with lilac, someone somewhere is playing an old record from a 
time long before I was born.

A subjective perception is one in wich the images vary in relation to a 
central and privileged image: an objective perception is one where, as in 
things, all images vary in relation to one another, in all their facets and 
all their parts.

Arthur Neve:

One aspect of Arthur Neve’s work in this show will be an installation of 
copied drawings and texts. In contrast to the usual functioning of an 
exhibition where the art work is isolated and made precious the visitors to 
the exhibition will be invited to take these texts and drawings home with 
them. Through this participation of the visitor the installation will change 
during the duration of the show and the usual mechanisms of envy will be 
short circuited, or at least highlighted, for the object of desire will be 
made available. It will be interesting to see if the object then remains 

The opening of the show will be on the 4th of June at 6.00 p.m.
Atelier35 Gallery, Str. Eforie 4-6, Bucuresti. Tel: (01)315 06 51

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