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nettime-nl: Vleeshal - Middelburg - Buenas Dias Time

Vleeshal - Middelburg
06 / 07 / 99 - 29 / 08 / 99

Kabinetten van de Vleeshal
06 / 07 / 99 - 29 / 08 / 99
Piet Dieleman
Erik van Lieshout
Luc Tuymans



P.A.R.K. 4D TV  and De Vleeshal Middelburg proudly present the

The Buenas Dias TIME project  deals with time, the global change and
movement of daylight. To visualize these abstractions we used the 24
different time-zones of the world over which we wrote down the word
TIME. It is not quite a coincidence that the dot of the i covers the
city of Middelburg, the centre of the project (see included map). The
letters of the word TIME run over cities, villages, seas, deserts and
oceans and out of each zone we chose a city or village that collides
with one of the letters.

We invited 24 artists/photographers around the world to make a series
of 24 slides. The slides should show the change of daylight
representative for their location (TIMEZONE) on earth.

The combined series are projected in a circle in De Vleeshal.
These projections are synchronized so we can simulate the rotation of
the earth  and show its different colours.

Concept: Dick Tuinder, Kuno Terwindt, Lex ter Braak.

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