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nettime-nl: vrijwilligers voor next five minutes (12-14 maart)

From: (Sandra Dametto)
Subject: n5m volunteers

I'm Sandra Dametto the volunteer coord. for the Next 5 Minutes. I've
drafted a master schedule of required volunteers for all areas of of the

If you are interested to become a volunteer, please come to the volunteer
orientation for all volunteers: Thursday, March 4, 8 p.m. at the Waag,
Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam.

You can also let me know, just send me an e-mail.
Or call at (020) 5535188.

We need a lot of volunteers for this event so please invite friends, 
family and neighbours to help out!
If you have already recruited some people for your areas, please invite 
them to the meeting and forward their name and telephone number to me at as I am keeping a master list of all volunteers.
At the meeting, information packages will be distributed to all and 
Gerbrand will give a general overview of the conference. Department 
heads will then take turns briefly describing the roles/types of 
volunteers needed for their area. After this, volunteers will be invited 
to "sign up" for shifts on the spot. 
I have made "sign up" sheets and a schedule of volunteer shifts for each 
of the following areas and will go over this with each of you before 
next Thursday. 
Balie, Kleine Zaal [TAZ]
contact: Joyce
March 12-14, 11 am-11 pm
two shifts: 11am-5 pm, 5pm-11pm
2 volunteers: 1 on door, one on room

Balie, Grote Zaal [Various]
contact: Sandra
March 12-14, various shifts
2 volunteers: on door

Balie, Salon [ECB/TAZ]
contact: Sandra
March 12-13 [not needed Sunday], 11 am-11 pm
two shifts: 11am-5 pm, 5pm-11pm
2 volunteers: one on door, one on room

Balie, lobby [reception]
contact: Hilde
2 volunteers at all times (see Sandra for schedule details)
Balie "Runner" to be stationed here if
not needed anywhere else.

Paradiso front doors
contact: Kees
March 12-14, 11 am - 11 pm
two shifts: 11am-5 pm, 5pm-11pm
2 volunteers at all times (to be confirmed)

Paradiso Cellar [tape library]
contact: Kees
March 12-14, 11 am - 12 midnite
3 shifts 10h30-3h30, 3h30-8h30, 8h30-12h30
1 volunteer at all times
Note: Paradiso "runner" to be stationed here if
not needed anywhere else.

Contact: Marjolijn Ruyg
Balie Lobby
Wednesday, Feb 10 EARLY
Balie Theatres
Thursday, Feb 11 noon - 4 pm
Friday, Feb 12 11 am - 1h30 pm

Computer Techs 
Contact: Nic
Dates/times to be confirmed

Camera Operators 
Contact: Nina or Menno
Dates/times to be confirmed

Assemble Guest Info Packages
Contact: Ingrid
Production Office
March 10, 1 pm - 4 pm (suggested time)

Balie and Paradiso Runners 
Balie Contact: Sandra
Paradiso Contact: Kees
March 12-14, 11 am - 11 pm

Build the General 
Contact: Joyce
Fri, March 12, 8 am - noon
Please forward corrections, changes, questions to 

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