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nettime-nl: vrml'99 in ActiveWorlds

Dear fellows,

I appreciate very much the initiative of  Victoria D'Onofrio  to meet in
It was also impossible for me to be at VRML'99 Paderborn IRL however not
so far away from
The Hague The Netherlands. Another thing is that I don't like travelling
In Real Live when it isn't very necessary.
My works are hihgly immaterial, so the best extension and attitude is
telematic communication.
However once I hope to meat IRL, which stays of course the highest form
of communication :))

Because of the invitation of Victoria D'Onofrio I visited Active Worlds
today at 1.00 gmt.
The world VRML'99 excists already :)) but nobody there :((, but a world
in stead of Wien2

For those who where not yet on the mailinglist and/or in active worlds
I send the text and a copy of the short but good ActiveWorld Manual Text
Victoria sended to me:

Syncerely, Martin Sjardijn


Hello fellow artists!

My name is Victoria D'Onofrio. My (and my partner's) work will be shown,
along with your's, in the VRML.ART portion of VRML99 in Paderborn,

If you would like to "attend" the VRML99 conference but can't get to
Germany, please read on.....

Here is the URL for the VRML 99 conference
conference is scheduled to take place on the 24th-26th of February in
Germany (VRML.ART portion from the 23rd-26th), with a LIVE broadcasting
of the Web3D Roundup held in the "Activeworld" VRML 99, owned by Plastic

Planet Inc.

Chris Muerwald, (Partner of Chris Bauer, the Chair of VRML99) and 3D
Developer for Plastic Planet, would like to extend a formal invitation
to those of you
who cannot attend in Paderborn, to come see the Live Broadcast/WebCam of
the Web3D Roundup that will be shown in their world, VRML99.

This is an impromptu affair. Lucio (my friend), and a citizen of
Activeworlds (and crew) along with Chris, will be attending this event
in-person. Lucio and his
friend David Ricitelli (Flux) have generously offered to supply live
audio/video streaming of the event from Paderborn for the benefit of the
AW community, and
we welcome you to join us :)  There may be more portions of the
conference shown, either live or taped, which will be announced

I know all of you who can't attend the conference in Paderborn probably
want to see where your work is displayed, so do I! I have requested this
of Lucio, and
he will try to show it.

Chris also welcomes any of you who would like to speak on your artwork,
to the crowd, to do so. The VRML.ART chair has given permission for
pictures to be displayed in the AW world, VRML99, with appropriate
credits and links. So, if you do decide to speak, you will be able to
show your work as
well :)

We are also inviting other industry people, so it won't be "just" the AW
crowd. Information on how to install the Activeworlds browser follows.
Come join us!

Don't forget to watch the "Big Bad Bow" on the Web3D Round-Up on Feb
25th 19:00 Central Europe Time (16:00 VRT) via WebCam in
Active Worlds/VRML99. What is the "Big Bad Bow" - be surprised !:)


- Victoria D'Onofrio (MyTwoKeys)

For all of you who do not know what "Activeworlds"
is, here's a basic description:

Activeworlds (AW) is a multi-user 3D-based VR "environment". At the
time, there are about 200 "worlds" all up and running off the main
Activeworlds "Universe" server. Each of these worlds are 3D VR
Real-Time Chat enabled and are easily accessible using the AW Browser.
any time of day, you will find 200-400+ real-time users, "inhabiting"
the AW
universe from countries all over the world. There are other AW-based
Universes, but for the purposes of this conference, you want the
original AW


1. Download and install the Activeworlds browser (

System requirements are listed on the download page (AW doesn't need a
computer or fast modem, 28.8 will do fine :o). The browser comes in
languages, please pick the appropriate link. The browser download size
small, because all the content will download automatically when you
the AW universe.

2. Run the browesr.  You will be asked for a UserName and if you would
to be a "tourist". Fill in your UserName and pick yes.. (BTW, there is
time limit on the software, you just get stuck being a "tourist"). You
to be a tourist, this is offered FREE, forever.

3. You will be automatically "teleported" to a default 3D "world" (we
try to get this set to VRML99 for the conference). You won't see
much at first, just a lot of black triangles. This is normal. Wait for
content of the world to download before you try moving around. Take this

time to familiarize yourself with the browser. To get your mouse pointer

back, just left-click, don't panic! :o)

NOTE: Anyone in BOLD text is a "Public Speaker" (PS).. it is usually
job to help you with basic AW browser questions.  English is the primary

language spoken, but it is not hard to find knowledgeable AW users
French, Spanish, German, Portugese, Russian, Italian, Norwegian,
and more, who will be happy to help you with the basic functions of the
browser (i.e. movement, chatting, "teleporting" to other worlds, etc.).
PS's may also tell you how to buy a citizenship. Don't worry about it!!
do not need a citizenship to attend the conference.

4.  To attend the conference "virtually", click on the Worlds tab,
on the left-hand side of the AW browser window. Scroll down the Worlds
and locate VRML99. Left-Click on VRML99 to be teleported to the virtual
conference site.

NOTE: Please make sure you install the latest Netshow or Windows Media
Player, and download the VRML 99 world in advance.

That's It, See You In-World!

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