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Re: nettime-nl: Oproep voor Deelname aan Tweede Int. Browserdag (20 mei 1999) (fwd)

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>From Thu Feb 18 13:35:42 1999

>Tweede Internationale Browserdag: 20 mei 1999 (Paradiso/De Balie)

Nav. het bericht over de Tweede Internationale Browserdag, wil ik jullie
wijzen op een stuk in het nieuwe nummer van Eye, #31, pp 50 - 56
over de Eerste Browserdag. Eye #31verschijnt begin maart. 


1ste Internationale Browserdag belicht in Eye #31

Het nieuwe nummer van Eye, the international review of graphic design,
bevat een beschrijving en analyse van voorstellen die gemaakt zijn voor de
Eerste Internationale Browserdag, in april vorig jaar. Afgebeeld worden
ontwerpen van o.a. Vanessa Borcic / Hjordis Thorborg, Ian Borcic / Luna
Maurer, prijswinnaar Joes Koppers, Uta Eisenreich, Madelinde Hageman, A. 
Galia en Anneke Rijnders. 

Eye's editor Max Bruinsma schrijft:

"The design agenda for these applications, that may very well be
challenging operating systems in the near future, has untill now been
primarilly set by software developers. But recently, graphic designers and
artists are being drawn to the possibilities of the application. In April
last year the Amsterdam based Society for Old and New Media (De Waag) held
a design competition for (graduate) students of graphic and new-media
design to make proposals for a new generation of browsers. It seemed an
exiting endeavour for the internationally diverse group of young designers
from three Dutch art and design academies: to reinvent the browser by
going to the root of the system, not just re-designing its visual
appearance. Ultimately, the most sophisticated proposals for the
competition went much further than that - though mainly in a conceptual
manner. Obviously, to design a fully functioning browser from scratch (or
even from Netscape's source code) would take much more than what a graphic
designer can cope with within a couple of months. Still, the results of De
Waag's 'First International Browserday', 38 in all, were at the least
amusing comments on the idiosyncrasies and shortcommings of existing
browser and internet technology, and at best highly thoughtfull concepts
of what the technology could become." 

max bruinsma



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