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[Nettime-nl] Goodbye WORMshopâ Hello UNDERBELLY !!!

Dear customers, colleagues, friends,

The shop at the WORM location in Rotterdam has closed. I'm getting ready to move the collection to a decent storage/office, from where it will be travelling to many nice and interesting events.

This is the start of:

The Underbelly website is now being built, it's going to be a great improvement compared to the old <>...  until then, please bear with it... Everything is still there.

So, this Thursday, 26 February, Underbelly pops up at the wonderful Sonic Acts <> Festival in Amsterdam. I'll be at Paradiso (Weteringschans 6-8), in the basement:
26 February    12.00-17.00
27 February    10.00-18.00
28 February    10.00-17.30 / 21.30-24.00
1 March           12.00-15.00

Presenting a nice selection of books, magazines, music and film, PLUS.. the fantastic Paul Tas and his ERROR INSTRUMENTS <>:
noise toys, synths and circuit-bent instruments for you to try out on the spot!

Would be great to see - and hear - you there.

Mariëtte Groot

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