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[Nettime-nl] MyCreativity Sweatshop in Amsterdam

A reality check on the creative industries
Talks, Discussions, Art, Workshops, Performances
20-21 November 2014

The Institute of Network Cultures presents MYCREATIVITY SWEATSHOP, an
international symposium where artists, scholars and activists critically
probe the conditions of creative production in todayâs economy. Two days of
panels, performances, discussions and workshops/sweatshops will open a
space to focus on the consequences of global creative industries policy, to
discuss alternatives and to develop new paths for both survival and

Creative industries policy in many countries is radically reshaping the
conditions of creative production. Simultaneously, new technologies are
increasingly turning creative processes into a function of big data
streams, algorithms and digital scalability. This raises many questions:
what are the new physical, technological and aesthetic spaces of subversion
and critique?

How does creative industry policy and the big data economy influence and
shape the idea of artistic autonomy? And, as the âcreativeâ city mutates
into the âsmartâ city, what are appropriate tactics and strategies for
smart interventions from below?

We invite artists, managers, designers, computer engineers, cultural
workers, internet entrepreneurs, educators, market strategists, squatters,
policy makers and anyone else interested in forging new ways and means for
creative survival, to join us on 20-21 November at Trouw in Amsterdam

*Speakers:* Pek van Andel | Zach Blas | Florian Cramer | Sigrid Dyekjaer |
Mark Fisher | Pascal Gielen | Joke Hermes | Robert Hewison | Marijke
Hoogenboom | Pieter van Huystee | Rob van Kranenburg | Sven Lutticken |
Frank Rieger | Sarah Sharma | Josie Slater | Bruce Sterling | Maria

*Workshops & Performances: *DIY 3D Design | Dictator Chips | Parasitic
Organising | Masterclass Serendipity | SMartNL | Political Co-working |
First Aid Failed Projects

*Topics: *Creative Production after the Creative industries  - Documentary
Film: Pitching, Digitization and Authorship - Artistic Autonomy and its
Future -  My Creativity, Your Depression  -  The Internet of Things - From
the Creative City to the Smart City

More information, tickets and updates on the program:
MyCreativity Sweatshop â 20-21 November 2014
Tickets are â 20,- (regular) and â 10,- (student discount) per day.

MyCreativity Sweatshop is an initiative of the Institute of Network
Cultures, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, CREATE-IT, Center of Expertise, Arts in
Society Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and the Netherlands Organisation for
Scientific Research
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