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[Nettime-nl] Crypto Party, a.s. dinsdag bij WORM, Rotterdam

Crypto Party
dinsdag 15 april, 20.00
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam

## Wees Big Brother te slim af!

De media staan bol van de incidenten rondom privacy. De AIVD vraagt steeds
meer bevoegdheden tot het onderscheppen van dataverkeer en de NSA en Google
lijken zo ongeveer alles van ons af te weten. Toch is het relatief
eenvoudig om je computer of laptop enigszins te beveiligen tegen ongewenste
pottenkijkers. Je kunt je data in je computer encrypten. Een workshop
waarin dit wordt geleerd heet een Crypto Party. Op steeds meer plekken in
de wereld worden dit soort events georganiseerd. Nu dus ook in Rotterdam.

Neem je laptop mee en leer zelf hoe je je computer kan beveiligen. De avond
is voor iedereen toegankelijk: er is geen enkele voorkennis over ICT of
computers vereist.

Deze editie met introducerende presentatie.


## When you browse the internet, the internet is browsing you.

Secret services like the NSA record our E-Mail, web browsing, phone and
Skype calls. Google, Facebook & Co. only give us 'free' services in
exchange for our personal data which they collect and sell. But others can
only browse us because we are not protecting ourselves.

At the Crypto Party, you learn how to shut out others from your
communications with simple means, using commonly available Open Source
tools. The Crypto Party is for everyone. You don't need to be a computer
expert. And it doesn't matter which computer you use. If you have a laptop,
bring it along so that we can better help you.

At this edition of the Crypto Party at WORM, a 15 minutes introductory
presentation will be followed by an open support session. You are welcome
to say where you need help: for example, with securing your E-Mail from
wiretapping, or browsing the Web anonymously.

Crypto Party is a world-wide self-organized movement of people helping each
other to regain privacy on their computers.


This program is part of the WORM Parallel University. The Parallel
University is the research and educational part of WORM, containing our
agenda, our ridiculum and a variety of public events. Not only from
educational perspective, but also as sheer entertainment. When you visit
this event, you obtain study points. At 240 points you can become Master of
Parallels. The amount of points (PCTS) per activity is listed on top of
this page. See for more information our website: wpu.worm.org
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