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[Nettime-nl] AVANTI/FORWARD LEFT or RIGHT ITALY TORN between two equal forces NO VICTORY for the Quadrigas on the National Monument

This is the caption of a news-tableau that can be viewed at

"ITALIA INGOVERNABILE" that is an old tune and the headlines just after midnight of the daily Republica.... 

AVANTI! FORWARD! one can hear the angels shouting to their horses, the quadrigas, the four horse carraiges that pull at each end of the Nation on top of the ANVIL OF THE NATION the white marble monument for the newly won unity of Italy under King Vittorio Emanuele II (reign 1861-1878)  who was heading the new unified state of Italy after the forces of Garibaldi had cleared up the remnants of a few centuries of divisions and foreign rule of the boot of Europe from Sicily to the Alps.

This is my adapted sketch made 'the morning after' when the results of the complicated porc-like division system (porcellum) of allocation of seats in the two houses of parliament made it understood that Italy is heading for what the English call 'a hung cabinet' whereby government and opposition are too equal in numbers to get any result. Any proposition on one side will be pulled back by the other.

A new force the 'Movimento 5 Stelle' (5 star movement) of Beppe Grillo (his family name refers to the cricket insect in Italian) has said not to ally itself with any of the two main parties that have surface in this 2013 election: the PD-coalition with Bersani on the left and the PDI coalition with Berlusconi on the right. 

The winds are blowing in two directions and the horses pull hard at both sides of the Italian nation... one can hear the cracking of the already torn national tissue....
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