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[Nettime-nl] Save the Date! Unlike Us: March 22-23, 2013 in Amsterdam

The Institute of Network Cultures is happy to announce the second Amsterdam edition of the Unlike Us conference, taking place March 22nd and 23rd, 2013 at TrouwAmsterdam. This year, the new MediaLAB Amsterdam will also be used as a community space with workshops.

In the coming weeks, ticket sales will commence. Keep checking the âAmsterdam 2013â tab on the website for the most up-to-date information, including tickets, schedules, and confirmed speakers with biographies. As of now, we are pleased to share the following confirmed speakers: Bernard Stiegler (FR/UK), Petra LÃffler (GE), Tristan Tielmann (GE), Seda Guerses (NL), Simona Lodi (IT), Ben Grosser (USA), Oliver Leistert (GE) and Nathan Freitas (USA).

This year, speakers will be organized into the following sessions:

Theory and Critique of âSocialâ
Are you Distributed? The Federated Web Show
Political Economy of Social Networks: Art & Practice
Mobile Use of Social Media
Facebook Riot: Join or Decline
More names to be announced soon on

Unlike Us, the Conference 

Is the word âsocialâ hollowed out, or does it still have some meaning? How can we understand the thunderous growth of mobile uses in social media? Is there really something like a Facebook riot and how do we start one? Theorists, programmers and artists alike react to the monopolies that control social media â by designing decentralized networks, creating art thatâs criticizing and surprising at the same time or by trying to understand the big networks from within. Meet them at the third Unlike Us conference organized by the Institute of Network Cultures on 22-23 March 2013 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

International speakers discuss both the big gestures of theory, and the ambitious plans of artists, programmers and activists. There are workshops to put Unlike Us into practice without delay and discussions on specific issues that Unlike Us hasnât dealt with so far. The different themes will cover theory and critique, decentralization, mobile use, activism, and the art and politics of social networks.

To get a sense of the Unlike Us conference, you can watch videos from the 2012 event here.

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