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[Nettime-nl] Vacancy Researcher MediaLAB Amsterdam

Vacancy Researcher

HvA, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, School of Design and Communication, represents a broad spectrum of courses with creativity as the core element: the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Communication and Multimedia Design, Computer Science and Information Technology and Media, Information and Communication.

At this school students start their quests for their own forms, visions and skills. We teach them to design their ideas. Our students enrich society with distinguishable concepts, products and services with commercial and social values. We are inspired by practice. Our programmes are partners of the creative industry and the computer branch.

MediaLAB Amsterdam is part of CREATE-IT. MediaLAB conducts applied research on innovative interactive media applications together with partners from the creative industries and education. The research projects focus on urban screens, locative media, data visualisation, interactive TV, gaming, the future of publishing and e-learning. At their core, all research projects focus on the innovative character of the digital applications.

Students work in multidisciplinary teams guided by experts from the industry and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. These experts are a mix of designers, programmers, social or digital media experts, researchers, copywriters and storytellers. In twenty weeks (one semester) each team develops a working prototype for a client, in collaboration with them.

We are currently looking to fill the following vacancy for the MediaLAB Amsterdam:

Researcher (0,5 fte)

As a researcher at the MediaLAB you will initiate en coordinate applied research into problems of the practice and/or the society, in close cooperation with a team of experts from education and practice. You will publish in (academic) journals and will bring knowledge to seminars and conferences.

MediaLAB Amsterdam bridges education and practice, and as a researcher you will contribute to the design of the research in practice, focused on tools and methods for the research and design of innovative interactive solutions.

The job:

You will contribute to the research and creation of new digital applications that people will use. The approach is analytic and user-centered.

Acitvities of the researcher:

To initiate, coordinate and independently execute applied research on the basis of concrete questions from the practice and projects in the MediaLAB, also in close cooperation with members of the various research groups;
Once the basis is set to contribute to the acquisition of extra funds for research in the MediaLAB;
To translate research results for the professional field;
To present research results on international conferences;
To publish research results in professional literature;
To advise students and lecturers (-researchers) on research and design for MediaLAB projects;
To contribute to the interchange of education, research and valuation;
To contribute to the valuation of research output;
To produce regularly “call for projects”;
To participate in the research group of the programme Communication and Multimedia Design.

What we look for:

Our ideal candidate is a professional with a relevant master’s degree, e.g. on the field of design research, new media and digital culture, visual culture, interaction design, or UxD. You have experience and expertise on a broad range of qualitative and quantitative methods and tools for the research and design of these applications.

You have demonstrable experience in the field of interactive and new media. You have your own vision on the design process as a whole and more specifically on the various roles in this design process. You are a team player, you take your responsibility and you are an inspiring teacher of the young people aged 17 to 24 years.

Experience with design and performance of applied research;
Experience with design processes and methods for the development of digital media applications;
Analytical and conceptual ability and results-oriented attitude;
Publications in scientific or professional literature;
Enthousiastic to take up challenges in the field of interactive media applications;
Supplementary teaching qualification (didactische aantekening) is a plus;
Good knowledge of Dutch and English in speech and writing;
Ability of working in a well organized and structured way.

What we have to offer :

The period of employment is for one year. The tasks fall under the job description of researcher 3 (onderzoeker 3). The pay scale complies with pay scale 11 (CAO-HBO – labour agreement for higher professional education). The maximum wage is EUR 4365 Gross per month for full-time employment. Salary depends on education and experience.

HvA has a comprehensive package of secondary benefits.


For more information: Margreet Riphagen, phone number 020-5951866 or per e-mail: (do not apply by email). For information on the MediaLAB:

For more Information on the programma Communication and Multimedia Design:
skype margreet_riphagen

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