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[Nettime-nl] Call for residency projects Mexico-Europe, Deadline 6th of February 2012


EMARE is European Media Artists in Residence Exchange with members in
Germany (Werkleitz), England (FACT), France (Bandits-Mages) and The Netherlands (impakt). In the EMARE MEXICO 2012 program the EMARE partners collaborate with Centro Multimedia in Mexico City and Centro de Arte y Nuevas Technologias (CANTE) in San Luis Potosi. Together we offer residencies for European artists in Mexico and for Mexican artists in Europe.

The DEADLINE for Applications is 6th of February 2012. My apologies for informing you so late. Our Mexican partners already published the call in Mexico and I guess a lot of artists are already informed.

More information on the call is available on
There you'll also find the application form.

Arjon Dunnewind
Impakt - PO Box 735 - 3500 AS Utrecht - The Netherlands
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The Impakt Foundation focuses on presenting critical and creative views on contemporary media culture. To this end Impakt organises the annual Impakt Festival and year-round Impakt Events; short projects centering a certain theme, phenomena, or artist. It also launches annual projects on its webgallery Impakt Online. Beside this, Impakt runs the production house and residency programme Impakt Works.
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