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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: [reclaimthemedia] is it open to journalists from other countries?

Andreas Maria Jacobs

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From: "Georgia Mylonaki" <geomylo@gmail.com>
Date: January 20, 2012 9:28:47 GMT+01:00
To: reclaimthemedia@lists.riseup.net
Subject: [reclaimthemedia] is it open to journalists from other countries?

Congrats for the initiative!

Is it open for journalists from other countries? If yes, in Greece the
in media already have:
-One tv station that broadcasts cards about the ongoing struggles in the
country and one central news broadcast at 8 am every day. (Alter tv)
-One online newspaper (Kosmos tou Ependyti [World of the Investor])
-Several citizens media initiatives publish their own videos from demos and
working class struggles in youtube
-In Eleftherotypia we are preparing a web radio and a strikers edition,
had a concert with community kitchen. One group of readers opened a page for
in fb and several readers contacted us and came to meet us in the newspaper through this fb page. Oh, Birmingham Sparks (through fb contact) sent us a solidarity salutation! and a reader-programmer suggested on fb an internet
business model (and created havoc with 55 comments under his post).

I hope the list works out for us all!

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https://www.facebook.com/groups/214625225274072/ ;(our fp page)
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