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[Nettime-nl] Announcement Friction Research #4 Reclaim the Mind: Paolo Cirio, Recombinant Fiction

[sorry english only]

It is a pleasure to announce our next contributor to Friction Research #4 Reclaim the Mind

Paolo Cirio - Recombinant Fiction

Recombinant Fiction, " Recombinant Fiction emerges as a political and aesthetic fiction genre of this new immersive and participative form of art. By identifying valuable, distinctive characteristics and objectives, Recombinant Fiction defines a unique genre able to drive tactical activism and dramatic purposes. "

Paolo Cirio Paolo Cirio is an artist and public speaker, who was born in Turin, Italy in 1979 and currently lives in London. His awards include European Media Artists residence and grant, 2009; Transmediale award, 2008; Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 2007; Media Award St. Gilgen school, 2006; Comission Rhizome, 2005; moreover his works have been nominated for 10th Cairo Prize, 2009; VIPER Award, 2005; and got honorary mentions at Share Festival, 2007; Ibizagrafica, 2006 and Prix Ars Electronica, 2005. He graduated in 2005 in Drama, Art and Music Studies at the University of Turin. Paolo was part of [epidemiC] net-art collective and has collaborated with many other pivotal figures of net-art like Bruce Sterling, Stewart Home, Alessandro Ludovico, and RTMark.


Enjoy reading

Andreas Maria Jacobs -Editor





"Politics is the Architecture of Death"


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