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[Nettime-nl] PZI: Networked Media Events at Roodkapje

Piet Zwart Networked Media Events at Roodkapje Rotterdam
Roodkapje*, 119-133 Meent
3011 JH Rotterdam, Netherlands
These events take place in conjunction with two exhibitions: Catching Flies in the Alternet (Graduation Show 2011) and No Such Thing as Repetition, a thematic project exhibition by Inke Arns, Artistic Director of HMKV, Dortmund (DE)
Saturday, July 09
15:00: Darija Medic´ (Demo)

Have a TomTom go 910? Bring it with you and we will enrich your navigational possibilities with our software. Whether you're a taxi driver wanting to earn more money, a driver avoiding annoying police control, or a person concerned with overly present EMF waves, our software is guaranteed to bring you alternative routes.
16:00  Into the Deep, a performance by Fako Berkers.

Through the windows of Roodkapje you can watch a performance in the busy streets of Rotterdam. The work plays with the increasingly blurred boundaries between the actual and the virtual.
16:30  Artist's talk by Rod Dickinson:

Rod Dickinson is a visual artist and lecturer in media and cultural studies at University of West England in Bristol, his art work explores ideas of control and mediation and focuses on the way in which our behaviour is moderated by feedback systems. Using detailed research into moments of the past and present, he has made a series of meticulously re-enacted events that represent various mechanisms of social control.

Dickinson's work, The Milgram Re-enactment (a project done in collaboration with Steve Rushton and Graeme Edler) is featured in Inke Arns' book, History Will Repeat Itself: Strategies of Re-enactment in contemporary (media) art and performance

If you want to know more abut the The Milgram Re-enactmemt, see: http://www.roddickinson.net/pages/milgram/project-synopsis.php

For info on Dickinson's practice in general: http://www.roddickinson.net/pages/index.php
20:00 - 23:00 The Political Party

An event organized by students reflecting on the current state of affairs in Dutch cultural policy. There will be an open mic for debate and discussion, moderated by Marco Cornelisse.
But wait!!!  That's not all!!!    Sunday, July 10
Open Radio Bike Tour.

Inspired by 'Concert on Bicycles' by the Canberra School of Music.

On Sunday July the 10th, between 14:00 and 15:00 there will be 2 open radio bike tours of half an hour each. The open radio bike tour will be a temporary traveling radio broadcast, private to those that tune in and travel along.

Participants to the open radio bike tour are encouraged to send in their favorite cycling music, their favorite outdoor music or other music suitable for the event. The music that has been sent in by you and others will be used in the two radio shows.

If you want to participate send your reservation and music to: dvanderkleij@gmail.com
Maximum participants: 6 per tour
Requirements: A bicycle, and possibly a battery powered radio that you can listen to while riding a bicycle


*Roodkapje / ROT?TERDAM is the 'Cultural Supermarket' where you can shop for a 'fresh' selection of art in several spaces. ROT?TERDAM monthly presents exhibitions, film screenings, MINISHOP, performances, WORKS IN PROGRESS, lectures, parties and what is important to present at that specific moment. A BREEDING GROUND WHICH LIES IN LINE WITH THE PERCEPTION OF CITIES SUCH AS BERLIN, BARCELONA & ISTANBUL. A spot where new developments in art arise and are shown.
The Networked Media branch of the Media Design and Communication Masters has been internationally known as the new media study programme at the Piet Zwart Institute. It is a part of the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. For more information see: http://pzwart.wdka.nl/networked-media/

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