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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: The European Street Design Challenge!

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Onderwerp: The European Street Design Challenge!

Cap Digital, the Creative Industries cluster for Paris and Ile de
France has organized the following event at PICNIC as the kick-off to
its international activities, leading to the major European FUTUR en
SEINE Festival in 2011
You are all kindly invited to attend the opening session on the
morning of Wednesday, 22nd September, and the award session on Friday
24th, September.

The European Street Design Challenge! 'A European Digital Design -
Myth or Reality?'

A collaboration between the Futur en Seine and PICNIC festivals,
French and Dutch Designers, and the Paris and Amsterdam municipalities

The Scalability of Cultural Production in Europe - Designing
innovative digital solutions across societies and cultures   Aim

The aim of the workshop is to explore the following questions:  Can
European creatives design digital solutions across European cultures?
Cultural diversity is described as a key European asset by the EC. A
Parisian company can create and design a distinctive and expressive
product for Paris. Can it do the same for Amsterdam? Will it be
different than the product created by an Amsterdam company? If so,
what are the parameters?

Can there be such a thing as a Creative European Digital ?Mainstream?
Culture and Content (in the sense discussed by Frédéric Martel) to
challenge US dominance in the field of digital media? Can there be a
diverse, yet recognizable European cultural identity with worldwide
applicability and impact?

Over a period of three days, six teams of design students and young
professionals from Paris / Ile de France  (ENSCI, Strate College, Les
Gobelins) and Amsterdam /the Netherlands (Eindhoven Technical
University- Industrial Design, Delft Technical University - Industrial
Design, HKU EMMA - Media Design) design and prototype a 'street of the
future' solution (e.g. interactive street furniture, smart
communications or entertainment spaces, surfaces, or device) for a
previously defined space in Amsterdam (the historic Red Light
District).  In the opening session, the background to the session will
be presented - The Digital City in the Next Five Years with Amsterdam
participation at the Paris Futur en Seine Festival in 2009 - together
with an introduction to the respective design, municipal and
collaborative festival (PICNIC / Futur en Seine) perspectives and

Rijk van Ark, General Director, Economic Affairs, City of Amsterdam
Patrick Cocquet, CEO Cap Digital, Paris / Ile de France
Jean-Louis Frechin, Designer / Director NoDesign, Paris  Stephane
Distinguin, President Futur en Seine, CEO FaberNovel, Paris
Andrew Bullen, Vice President, Futur en Seine Festival Paris
Geleyn Meijer, Director IIP / Create
Marleen Stikker, Co-Founder PICNIC, President Waag Society, Amsterdam
Janine Huizenga, Co-founder The Creative Cooperative

The afternoon of the first day consists of brainstorming, research,
meeting with residents, site visit, material gathering, and scenario
building. On the second day, the teams begin the design and build
process of their prototype models at the Amsterdam Fablab. On the
third day, the finished prototypes will be judged. A jury, composed
both of international media and design specialists and invited guests
from the area of Amsterdam which is targeted by the prototypes,
selects the winning team. A suitable prize will be awarded. In
addition, the best prototypes will be exhibited at the Lieu du Design,
the Paris / Ile de France design centre at the Bastille.

We will build on this content and format at Futur en Seine in Paris in
2011, when a street within the Paris / Ile de France area will be
predefined as the target area for redevelopment by the young designer

For a more detailed program please visit:

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