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[Nettime-nl] tiny noise @ Todaysart : Sept 25, 2010, Den Haag

Tiny Noise about LOUDNESS@ TodayArt festival

After much communications and great ideas from our network of friends, we are now ready to launch the upcoming program to be presented at Club SEVEN as part of this year's Todaysart festival in Den Haag.

when? : Saturday, September 25th, opening at 21h
where? : Club SEVEN, Prinsegracht 14, 2512GA, Den Haag

tiny noise 020: TINY NOISE : about LOUDNESS
For the occasion of our 20th project, Tiny Noise teams up with the grand Todaysart festival to explore the notion of LOUDNESS. Look forward to sound generated by light machines, computer music and handmade noise.

Program: Full description of all the artists and performances HERE and on Todaysart website.

- Toni Dimitrov, Sound_00 (MK)
- John Fanning (Massaccesi) (USA/NL)
- Derek Holzer (USA/DE)
- Kyd Campbell (CA/DE)
- André Gonçalves (PT)
- Koray Tahiroglu (TR/FI)
- DJ every kid on speed (MK)

This program is curated by Kyd Campbell and hosted and supported by Todaysart.

Kyd is located in Weimar, Germany and Toni in Skopje, Macedonia. We look forward to meeting up and seeing you too, in Den Haag.

best regards, imagine the sounds of the cowbells ringing across the Tirol mountains, and stay in touch!

tiny noise

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