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[Nettime-nl] [Nictoglobe] - Zomer 2010 Issue 3


C'est le Voyeur qui fait le Tableau
Klebnikov Carnaval III 2010

3, 4 & 5 September Kessel-Lo (Leuven), Belgium


Rachel Defay-Liautard [A.A. 2010]
Klebnikov Carnaval is an annual free non-commercial participants festival of free lyriscm, poetry, music, spoken word, visual arts and performance, organized and initiated by Dirk Vekemans & Grapes of Art. Dedicated to the pioneering russian experimental poet and first President of the Universe, Velimir Chlebnikov (1885 - 1922). Below a fragment of chronological ordered fieldrecordings[*] from this years 3rd edition.
Judith V., De Brahmaanse Inlichtingendienst (NL)

Adriaan Krabbendam (NL)

Rachel Defay-Liautard (FR)

Big Nose Jim (B)

L'uomo Epileptico, De Brahmaanse Inlichtingendienst (NL)

Dode Zielen

Gogol by Google, ExpoetryListen
Didier de Paris (B)

Arnout Camerlinckx & Dirk Vekemans,Grapes of Art (B)

Izeganz of de ...

Performance, Spoken WordListen
[*]: Audiorecordings by Andreas Maria Jacobs

T-Rain I - IV
Mobi Arbeiten - A. Andreas

Amsterdam 2010

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Neue Landkynst I & II
Aquarellen von Judith V.

Walkenried Sommer 2010

::: Gedichten van Jonkheer 7 :::

Radio Patapoe off Air
'Dissident Squatters' destroy Radio Patapoe's broadcast equipment

Mes in de rug van Radio Patapoe.

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Sail Amsterdam 2010
I know a Place where no Ships go

Virtual Graffiti

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Beer Mystic
A Novel of Inebriation & Light

by bart plantenga

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Luister of Sterf / Listen or Perish
Radio Patapoe bedreigd door Agentschap Telecom

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Trying 2 Escape
The Kidnapping of Yevgenia Chirikova


The Greater Industrial Illusion VII
Tres Triste Tigre, Leipzig - Bruehl 2010

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Bitter Tears of Sorrowan Internet Song
Performed by Annie Abrahams & Simon Biggs, text by Andreas Maria Jacobs

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Man te Paard gearriveerd in Sint Petersburg
Einddoel bereikt na ruim 4 maanden durende tocht

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Neo Rauch, Begleiter
Tentoonstelling Neo Rauch, Museum der bildenden Kuenste Leipzig

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â The Greater Industrial Illusion
Proletenkult 6/7 door Andreas Maria Jacobs

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â Geschichte - History
Proletenkult 4/5 door Andreas Maria Jacobs

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â Klebnikov Festival 2010
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â Autolux & In Modeum Rammellzee
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â Epitaph - Grafschrift
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â R.I.P. RAMMELLZEE 1960 - 2010
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â Proletenkult
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â Vecht, Links
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â âSchijndood Live!â

â âNederlandse ruiter plus paard aangehouden door Russische grenspolitieâ

â âThank God You're Not Eddie Woods!â
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â Playing with Fire
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â âElection Feverâ
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â âVurige Tongen 2010â
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â âA Global Spectre hauntingâ
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â âPuppen - Balletâ
â âNictoglobe RadioTV: Kathy Acker Special, Redoing Childhood - Excerptsâ
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â âNSK: Fascists as Much as Painters, Painters as Much as Fascists?â
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Andreas Maria Jacobs

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"Politics is the Architecture of Death"
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