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[Nettime-nl] RETROCOMPUTING evening @ SLUG / Tue 20 April

short notice, but good gain!!      (please spread widely in NL)

   http://slug.squat.net/?p=75     RETROCOMPUTING
   http://slug.squat.net/?p=75        EVENING
   http://slug.squat.net/?p=75      PRESENTATION

     Squatters Linux User Group, Tuesday 20 April 2010, ~20:00
               SLUG              Da Costastraat 108 - Amsterdam

COMPUTER HARDWARE RESTORATION will be a presentation given by Asbesto
Molesto in person, about activities at the Working Computer Museum
http://museum.freaknet.org in Palazzolo Acreide (Sicily) restorating
OLD machines and putting them to work (PDP/11, VMS, Data General
Eclipse, Commodore etc).

The Freaknet Medialab is struggling to exist since 1997 in Sicily,
settling in various squatted and liberated spaces: among other things
people are currently running the Poetry Hacklab
http://poetry.freaknet.org in Palazzolo Acreide and keeping the uptime
of some nodes for the Italian RETRO DECnet http://decnet.ipv7.net/ as
well offering webmail, internet access and workshops on telematics to
the public, plus lots of free software to the world

looking forward to share inspirations with more hackers !

and we'll have beer and funny t-shirts for sale!


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