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[Nettime-nl] Journal for Artistic Research / Call for Support

From: Henk Borgdorff <>
Date: 23 November 2009 9:56:42 PM
Subject: Journal for Artistic Research / Call for Support

Dear all,

Please take notice of this call for support. With the Journal of Artistic Research a major step is taken in strengthening the international infrastructure and culture for artistic research. I hope that you are willing to support this initiative.

Please forward the call to your own network.

(And don't forget to check the box in the Call, if you are in the position.)

kind regards,
Henk Borgdorff

Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)

Call for support:

The international Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) is in the making!
After an initial development phase funded by Y (Institute for
Transdisciplinarity), Bern University of the Arts, we are now looking
for individuals and institutions to get involved and to share our idea
of a dedicated journal for artistic research. Already, JAR has
widespread support. However, by making this call public do we hope to
widen the journal's support basis before we consolidate the journal and
start working on issue 0 from the beginning of next year. Now is the
time to get involved!

We have set up a webpage where you can find additional information and a
link to the JAR draft proposal. There is also a form with which you can
sign up to our mailing list.

Financial support from member institutions is required for the funding
of the journal; please indicate if your institution is interested in
becoming a supporting member. Deadline for expressions of interest is
December 31, 2009. A meeting to discuss quality criteria and
peer-reviewing processes and to finalize the organizational structure
will be held on March 5/6, 2010; a more detailed invitation will be
emailed early January 2010. We explicitly encourage participation from a
variety of practices, disciplines and sectors.

The link is:

Michael Schwab, Royal College of Art, London:
Florian Dombois, Bern University of the Arts:
Henk Borgdorff, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Design, Music and Dance, The

Please forward this email to others who might be interested.
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