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[Nettime-nl] ME YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW IS A CURATOR (Zaterdag 19-12-2009 Paradiso/Amsterdam)

Zaterdag 19•12•2009 paradiso

Een symposium over kwaliteit in een tijdperk van visuele overvloed

Terwijl de musea beleid ontwikkelen voor het online zetten van hun collecties, blijft de digitale culturele productie groeien. Er komen honderdduizenden beelden per dag bij. Veel interessant werk wordt online geproduceerd en bereikt de fysieke wereld niet eens. De verspreiding van kwalitatief hoogwaardig werk wordt al lang niet meer alleen centraal geregeld via instanties die daarvoor ontwikkeld zijn zoals musea, fondsen of vaktijdschriften. Aan de andere kant groeit de behoefte voor fysieke cultuurbeleving nu men de hele dag achter de computer zit te netwerken. Ontwerpers, kunstenaars, bemiddelaars en beleidmakers
zullen hun positie moeten herzien, want nieuwe technologieën bepalen in
grote mate de mogelijkheden van presentatie en archivering. Het zoeken is naar nieuwe kwaliteitscriteria, denkkaders en methoden om verbindingen tot stand te brengen tussen
de virtuele en de fysieke ruimte.

locatie: paradiso, weteringschans 6 amsterdam
entree: €25, €10 (studenten) engels gesproken
deuren open: 10.00 uur

contactinformatie: graphic design museum
t +31 (0)76 529 99 00

voorverkoop:AUB ticketshop amsterdam / ticket service nederland

Programma zaterdag 19 december 2009

10.00            Inloop, koffie & thee
10.25            Welkom door Mieke Gerritzen

10.30            Bruce Sterling - revisions of digital culture
11.20            Julia Noordegraaf - performing archival material online
11.40 Sarah Cook - curatorial strategies for online artistic production

12.00            Koffie pauze

12.15            Rick Poynor - ign criticism in the blogosphere
12.45 Sophie Krier - me, you and everyone we know is a curator
12.50            Metahaven - visual identity and network standards

13.00            Lunch pauze

14.00 Andrew Keen - digital vertigo: selecting talent in the age of social media
14.50            Aram Bartholl - online visual culture in physical space
15.10 Dagan Cohen (Upload Cinema) - bringing web films to the big screen 15.20 Willem Velthoven (Mediamatic) - please try a new search to find more results

15.30            Koffie pauze

15.40            Inleiding debat door Henk Oosterling
15.50 debat met experts en vertegenwoordigers van nederlandse fondsen en musea over de rol van de digitale wereld in het nederlandse cultuurbeleid

16.40	            Borrel

moderator: Koert van Mensvoort
visuele interventies: Sander van der Pavert


bruce sterling (us)
As one of the main voices of the cyberpunk movement in 1980s, SF
writer Bruce Sterling promoted a worldview and aesthetic that strongly
influenced the generation that came of age with the computer revolution.
In his popular books and articles, Sterling chronicles the social and
technological developments of our over mediatised world.

andrew keen (uk)
Author of bestseller “Cult of the Amateur: How the Internet is killing our culture” (2007). Keen is currently writing a second book entitled “Digital
Vertigo: Anxiety, Loneliness and Inequality in the Social Media Age”,
which will be published by St Martins Press. Keen starred in the Dutch
VPRO television documentary, “Wiki the Truth” and was the subject of the
November 2008 BBC Radio 4 show “Iconoclasts.”

rick poynor (uk)
Design critic and writer, Poynor is the co-founder of Eye, The international
Review of Graphic Design. He has written about design, media and visual
culture for Blueprint, Icon, Creative Review, Frieze, Domus, I.D., Metropolis,
Harvard Design Magazine, Adbusters, The Guardian, Financial Times,
and many others. In 2003, he co-founded the weblog Design Observer,
which became a leading international forum for design discussion.

julia noordegraaf (nl)
Programme director of the Master Preservation and Presentation of the
Moving Image, department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam
(from September 2003) and author of a.o. Strategies of Display: Museum
Presentation in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Visual Culture
(Boijmans van Beuningen / Nai Uitgevers 2004). Noordegraaf is currently
researching a book entitled “The Performing Archive”, due to come out
in Fall 2010.

sarah cook (uk)
Co-editor of CRUMB (the Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss and research fellow at the University of Sunderland.
Her forthcoming book on curating, co-authored with Beryl Graham, will
be published by MIT Press in 2009. Sarah’s most recent curatorial project
is a series of online commissions about outer space for

aram bartholl (de)
Aram Bartholl lives and works in Berlin. In his art work he thematizes
the relationship of net data space and every day life. In which form does this network-data-world manifest itself in our physical everyday- lifespace?
What is being fed back into physical space from the ‘cyberspace’ into
which data has been fed for so long now? How do these digital innovations
influence our actions in everyday life?

upload cinema (nl)
Upload Cinema is a film club that takes the best web films to the big
screen. The audience can submit films; an editorial team selects the best and compiles a ninety minutes program, which is screened at movie theatres
and special venues.

mediamatic (nl)
Mediamatic is interested in the cultural developments that go hand in
hand with new technologies and in new technologies that cause cultural
development. They organize exhibitions, salons, lectures, workshops,
screenings in public space and develop software and art projects, and
they used to publish the magazine Mediamatic Off-Line.

henk oosterling (nl)
Henk Oosterling is senior lecturer of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Erasmus
University Rotterdam. He lectures on dialectic methods, French
philosophy and differential thinking, inter-cultural philosophy and aesthetics.
As director of the Centre for Philosophy and Art he initiated and
led the Intermediality research programme.

metahaven (nl)
A studio for design and research, Metahaven is based in Amsterdam and
Brussels. Metahaven works in visual identity and architecture, both with
clients and independently.

koert van mensvoort (nl)
Koert van Mensvoort is an artist/scientist. He holds a PhD in industrial
design from Eindhoven University of Technology. His most profound
experience in life, so far, has been the discovery of next nature. Which
revolves around the idea that our technological world is so complex, that
it has become a nature of its own.

sander van der pavert (lucky tv) (nl)
Sander van de Pavert makes LuckyTV, a concept he created himself. In
short films, Lucky reacts in a light-hearted way to current affairs. Generally
use is made of existing images that are cut, edited and mutilated in
an indecent way. LuckyTV is currently shown on weekdays at the end of
the Dutch television programme “De Wereld Draait Door” (The World
Keeps Turning).

sophie krier (lux)
With her studio Sophie Krier explores the peripheries of the design field, with a focus on film, writing and temporary, social interventions. She is
currently developing scenarios for public space in Houten and Hoeksche
Waard, editing a new design journal entitled Field Essays, and doing research
for a documentary project. Between 2005 and 2009, Sophie Krier
was head of designLAB at Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.

mieke gerritzen (nl)
Mieke Gerritzen is director of the Graphic Design Museum in Breda. Besides
she makes films, books and organizes public events. Gerritzen creates
networks with many different designers, writers and artists. In 2001
she started the All Media Foundation for the organization and production
of movies, publications and events like “The International Browserday”
in New York, Berlin and Amsterdam and more recently “The Biggest
Visual Power Shows.”
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