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[Nettime-nl] Stubnitz: Vrij Amsterdam?

*For centuries Amsterdam was proud of being a tolerant city.
Its recent "vertrutting" undermines this.

*MS Stubnitz, 'the ship of 100 subcultures', is a representative of the diverse and tolerant cultural spirit of Amsterdam. For unjust reasons the ship has been shut down by the City of Amsterdam, leaving this independent cultural hotspot and its crew in limbo: unable to operate the ship and unable to leave Amsterdam. The very survival of the project is in imminent danger.

*Please join our protest in support of the Stubnitz, its crew, and Amsterdam's "onttrutting".

*This event will take place at Dam Square, this Friday, 13 November 2009, from 15.00 till 18.00h.

A public discussion on "vertrutting" and "onttrutting" will take place at de Balie, this Saturday, 14 November, from 20.30 till 23.00h.

Details of the program will be announced on: _

_*Please contribute by forwarding this message to your network and posting the attached flyer: use e-mail lists, on-line communities
(MySpace, Facebook, Hyves, etc.), press contacts, and on-line media.

*What else could you do to help us?

- Please support the Stubnitz by signing the petition at:

<>- Please consider placing a donation, details can be found here:

- join the public "manifestatie" at de Dam, Friday, 13 November, 15.00-18.00h; and

- join the public discussion at de Balie, Saturday, 14 November, 20.30h.

Details on the illegitimate closure of the Stubnitz can be found in the document "Bezwaargronden" (in Dutch).

Take notice of the manifesto "Tolerant Amsterdam" here:

*Save the Stubnitz from capsizing!*
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