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[Nettime-nl] [OKNO] R(esponsive) E(nvironment) 6-8/11

*OKNO - artist run organisation for art and media technology -
Brussels                                               *

RE: Responsive Environment

6/11 19h opening
7/11 - 8/11 exhibition from 12h to 19h

*OKNO has invited seven artists, connected by their study at the
interfaculty of Artscience in Den Hague to work around the idea of a
responsive environment. The idea of a responsive environment is to move
away from static group exhibitions in white cube galleries and move
towards making integrated installations that adapt to the space and
context.They invited artists engage the OKNO space by making an
instrument out of it. They interconnect ready-made modules and let them
respond to impulses coming from either the environment, the visitor or
other modules.
After an intense workweek at OKNO, the environment is presented to the

With Wolfgang Bittner, Lyndsey Housden, Lars Kynde, Selena Savic, Jeroen
Uyttendaele, Dewi De Vree and Rachida Ziani.



OKNO Koolmijnenkaai 34 Quai des Charbonnages - Brussels -
openbaar vervoer/public transport/transport public : metro Graaf van
Vlaanderen/Comte de Flandre                                            

With the kind support of the Flemish authorities and the VGC (Vlaamse
Met steun van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap en de VGC  (Vlaamse
Avec le soutient de la Communauté Flamande et la VGC (Vlaamse


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