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[Nettime-nl] call for proposals: Developing a new visual language for science

Call for proposals: Developing a new visual language for science

Animation Studio, Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (Eindhoven University of Technology) and STRP Festival invite artists, designers and scientists to submit proposals for developing a new visual language for science.


Visual languages are a valuable tool for communicating ideas and are commonly used within the scientific community. These languages can help to make the invisible visible. 


Recently, a new problem has emerged for molecular scientists. For many decennia they have used a world-wide accepted way of representing molecules, even though these molecules have never really been seen. Unfortunately, this language is not suitable to represent the increasing complexity of the molecular systems and dynamic processes that are subject of modern research. The Animation Studio of the ICMS has set itself the goal to make large contributions in the development of a new visual language. We think that a breakthrough in this area is only possible with ideas of people with different specialisms and, therefore, we want to unite people from all kind of backgrounds.


Call and procedure

We are looking for input as a starting point for the development of a new visual language for molecular scientists. In the first step, marked by this call for proposals, we invite you to submit your proposals for ideas, examples, directions, artworks and experiments. We will make a selection out of the submitted proposals and invite the applicants to further develop their proposal. In a second stage, we will make a translation of these elaborated ideas into a more molecular application or, depending on the status of the project, use them to create molecular animations.


What can selected contributors expect from us?

§ Close collaboration with scientists

§ Temporary residency at the TU/e is possible

§ Presentation of first step projects at STRP Art & Technology Festival 2010

§ Financial support


Want to apply?

Deadline for submission is February 28th, 2010. You can submit your work via email or regular mail. Please include your full contact details with the application as well as some examples of earlier work. Submission material will not be returned. If you have any questions please email to

TU/e ICMS Animation Studio

Office HG -1.24

PO Box 513

5600 MB Eindhoven

The Netherlands


More information: or 




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