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[Nettime-nl] MATTER OF TASTE - Food & Film: call for short films

NISI MASA, the European Network of Young Cinema, presents MATTER OF TASTE:
a multi-event about Food & Film in Europe. Check out the website and:

Submit your own food related short film before the 15th of May 2009!

* What is MATTER OF TASTE looking for:
Original, creative European short films on the theme of food & culture.
Especially documentaries are welcome, but fictions are also accepted. The
film should be linked to one of the following three sub-themes: 'A Matter
of Taste', 'Table Manners' or 'Lands of Plenty'. More details on these
themes can be found below.

* Maximum length:
12 minutes.

* Language:
The films can be in any language, but subtitles must be provided in English.

* Deadline for submissions:
15th of May 2009.

* How to submit a film:
You can upload your short films here:
Please also send a DVD of your film clearly labelled with the title of the
film, the director, and contact details to the European Office of NISI
10 Rue de l'Echiquier
75010 Paris

* Selected films:
20 selected filmmakers will attend the Lago Film Fest in Northern Italy
(24th - 31st of July 2009) to present and discuss their films, and take
part in a 5-day programme of screenings and special culinary events. On
the final day the best food film will be announced.
Each filmmaker will have the chance to attend an additional screening of
their short film in another European city (pre-screenings will take place
in June and early July). Each film will also feature on a non-commercial
DVD compilation.

Visit the official website for more information:
Here you will also find inspirational articles and links about films and
books related to food & culture themes.

Call for films: 3 Sub-themes

1. ?A Matter of Taste?

In this category, we are asking about the attitudes and values that we
hold about food. How we eat can reveal the expression of a specific
culture or philosophy, including our relationship to the land and our
communities. Today of course, cultural diversity and culinary traditions
are being confronted with one another. There is also a very modern
paradox: we are increasingly disconnected from the origins of food, and
yet the art of cooking is more promoted than ever before.

2. ?Table Manners?

This category deals with the circumstances in which we eat, where we get
our food and how healthy it is. Are we eating more often alone in front of
the TV, or with family and friends? At work we often take ?food to go? and
even for dinner we don?t always find the time to cook proper meals. But
consumers can always make a choice: saving money or paying more to know
the origins of their food. And what about the influence of food
consumption on health? There would seem to be a lot of nutrition-related
illnesses like diabetes and obesity nowadays.

3. ?Lands of Plenty?

What are the influences of globalisation on food production, and what are
the environmental and human consequences? This category will question the
impact of big multinationals and large-scale farming methods. There is
also real connection between food and politics. If you take the example of
tomato- growing in Spain: gathering by mostly illegal workers, the product
is shipped by trucks to northern countries. Finally, there is the question
about the future of food: will it become more artificially-created or more
traditional and organic again?

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