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[Nettime-nl] PLANETART ATOMPUNK Prologue Party II

PLANETART presents another Atompunk evening with Nuclear holocaust, voice modulators, a dildo-performance, robot-workshop, electro-pop performances and music... all related to the theme of ATOMPUNK, as a prologue to the GOGBOT festival 10-13 September. Location is the PLANETART Medialab in the former Volkskrantbuilding Amsterdam. Participating artists are Thomas Margolf, Riekje Jongsma, Maaike Berghof, Elena Kravtchenko, Shock Royal, Jean Plastiq. Serving Eurotrash Beer by Arno Coenen.

Atompunk Prologue Party 2
sat. May 2 20-03 u
PLANETART Medialab Artspace
Wibautstraat 150 Amsterdam
/ATOMPUNK: Exploring the atom era
//Prologue to the GOGBOT festival Enschede 10-13 sept. 09, edition Atompunk. /

'Threats', UK 1984
Documentary style account of a nuclear holocaust

'Word Controller'
interactive installation by Thomas Margolf

'De Kamaraden van Dolly Black'
performance by Riekje Louise Jongsma en Maaike Berghof

'Nuclear Brain Damage Lab'
workshop by Elena Kravtchenko

'Shock Royal'

Jean Plastiq
electro techno minimal

PLANETART proudly serves EUROTRASH BEER, TM by Arno Coenen

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Atompunk is about how today's artists and designers explore the cultural era of the atom age, a strictly analogue mid century modernist period at the beginning of the cold war and the space race.How do we look back from today's digital worlds into the atom-age aesthetics and sociopolitical ideologies. Atompunk is a concept by U.S. Scifi author Bruce Sterling.

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*PLANETART Medialab in the former VOLKSKRANT building is open mon-sat 14-17 hrs*

ongoing exhibition of Atompunk related shortfilms and games, and the Pong-noisemachine by Marc van Elburg

special exhibition May 2-30 :
*'Word Controller'*
interactive installation by *Thomas Margolf*

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