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[Nettime-nl] Call for online debate agents’ at symposium

Call for online debate agents’ at symposium

On May 8, 2009, the Netherlands Media Art Institute will hold the symposium
‘Positions in flux: On the changing role of the artist and the institution’ in Amsterdam.
More information about the symposium:

The symposium will be streamed from the symposium venue, Trouw Amsterdam.

Online audiences will have the opportunity to participate in the debate in the online chat/debate. Through a simple interface, observers from around the world will be able to send questions and comments to the panels. These will be picked up by so-called ‘online debate agents’ and brought to the attention of the moderator and the local audience.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to operate as these ‘online debate agents’ during the conference. As such you would observe the online contributions during a panel and play in active role in the debate by outlining verbally the online contributions. Your will cluster comments, read and describe them and pose the most relevant questions to the panel/moderator.

Ideally you like to take an active role in debates, you feel comfortable to speak in public and you have some basic knowledge of media art and culture. If you have some journalistic training, this is even better. You should be fluent in English.

Please send a short application (500 words max and CV) before April 22, 2009 to Susanne Jaschko,

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