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[Nettime-nl] ATOMPUNK Prologue Party za 4 april

/*Wat is ATOMPUNK?*/

In samenwerking met de Amerikaanse science fiction schrijver en godfather van de cyberpunk Bruce Sterling, tevens internationaal design goeroe en editor van WIRED magazine, heeft PLANETART het thema ATOMPUNK ontwikkeld. Met ATOMPUNK onderzoeken en verwerken hedendaagse kunstenaars en vormgevers de cultuur van het atoom tijdperk, een strikt analoge periode uit het modernisme van de 20ste eeuw, aan het begin van de koude oorlog en de race in de ruimte. ATOMPUNK betekent, 20 jaar na de val van de muur, hoe we vanuit onze gedigitaliseerde samenleving terugkijken naar de esthetiek van het atoomtijdperk en het optimisme van de sociaal politieke ideologieën en hoe we vandaag de dag gebruik kunnen maken van verworvenheden uit deze culturele periode.

Zaterdag 4 april begint een serie presentaties in medialab/artspace PLANETART in het Volkskrantgebouw in Amsterdam als proloog op het GOGBOT festival (10-13 september 09, editie Atompunk). Deze eerste avond zal bestaan uit een aantal films (/Future by Design part 1/, documentaire, /Forbidden Planet/, pulp science fiction, /Planeta Bur/, /Hilarious history mash-up/) en een aantal performances, live acts en dj’s, o.a. Het Brein dat Kwam Uit De Ruimte, DJ Jean Plastiq, Arno Coenen Eurotrash Beer. De expositie met Kofi en Wifi zal dagelijks geopend zijn (zondags gesloten). Verdere Atompunk avonden vinden plaats op 2 mei, 30 mei en 27 juni.

Meer info: <> en <>

Atompunk Prologue Party
sat. april 4 2009 20-03h

*PLANETART Medialab Artspace*
Wibautstraat 150 Amsterdam
admission: zero euro

/ATOMPUNK: Exploring the atom era
First of a series of presentations in PLANETART Amsterdam as prologue to the GOGBOT festival Enschede 10-13 sept. 09, edition Atompunk./

Atompunk is about how today's artists and designers explore the cultural era of the atom age, a strictly analogue mid century modernist period at the beginning of the cold war and the space race. How do we look back from today's digital worlds into the atom-age aesthetics and sociopolitical ideologies.
Atompunk is a concept by U.S. Scifi author Bruce Sterling



*'Future by design' 2006 *documentary**
Future by Design shares the life and vision of Jacque Fresco, a futurist, technologist, and inventor known by many as a modern-day Da Vinci. This documentary film by Academy Award nominated filmmaker William Gazecki captures the life and far-reaching vision of this master of out-of-the-box thinking. Fresco has spent nearly 80 years envisioning the future, and his extensive body of work, in addition to his outspoken and likeable character, make Future by Design a visually and intellectually engaging exploration into how our culture can evolve towards true sustainability.

'Forbidden Planet' U.S. 1956* film**
brilliant pulp science fiction* *
An expedition is sent from Earth to Altair in the constellation of Aquilae (some 17 light years from Earth) to discover what happened to a colony of settlers on its fourth planet, Altair-4. What they discover is how and why an alien race of geniuses destroyed itself overnight while leaving their technology intact at some point in the distant, distant past.

*'Planeta Bur' USSR 1962 *film**
brilliant pulp science fiction
Conceived in epic terms, this is the story of a band of courageous 21st century cosmonauts who land on the planet Venus. There they must contend with a seemingly endless supply of hideous reptilian monsters, each one more fearsome than the last.

*'Hilarious History mash-up'' *film**
collage of shortfilms and propaganda-items, from east and west, including Duck and Cover, atomic bomb instruction videos, classified atomic bomb test footage, videogame trailers, etc Duck and Cover was a suggested method of personal protection against the effects of a nuclear weapon which the United States government taught to generations of United States school children from the late 1940s into the 1980s. This was supposed to protect them in the event of an unexpected nuclear attack which, they were told, could come at any time without warning. Immediately after they saw a flash they had to stop what they were doing and get on the ground under some cover—such as a table, or at least next to a wall—and assume the fetal position, lying face-down and covering their heads with their hands


*Program April 4:*

'Future by design', part 1
documentary about the work and ideas of Jacques Fresno, futurist, inventor. <>

'Forbidden Planet' U.S. 1956
brilliant pulp science fiction

'Planeta Bur' USSR 1962
brilliant pulp science fiction

Hilarious history mash-up
collage of found footage, shortfims, gaming-trailers

Het Brein Dat Kwam Uit De Ruimte
electro space rock, inspired by 60's scifi cultmovies

Jean Plastiq
electro techno minimal

PLANETART proudly serves EUROTRASH BEER, TM by Arno Coenen

next Atompunk Prologue Parties: sat may 2, may 30, june 27 <>

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