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[Nettime-nl] I Love Alaska: New MiniMovie

I Love Alaska - The true and heartbreaking search history of AOL user #711391

If your Internet search history was exposed to the world, what would it say about you? I Love Alaska is the audio-visualization of three months of search queries by AOL user #711391. Combining a digital voice and soothing Alaskan nature shots, artist duo Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug reveal the yearnings of a conflicted housewife who dreams of escaping a life of obesity, sexual frustration and skin trouble in the searing Texan heat by running away to Alaska. A fascinating insight for nosey parkers everywhere, and an interesting comment on the Internet as social substitute for the rest of us.
I Love Alaska is part of SubmarineChannel's project MiniMovies - A new series of documentaries made for the digital age

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