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[Nettime-nl] European Sound Delta: Call for Artits and Musicians

*Call for sound-artists and musicians: European Sound Delta – LE PLACARD
(traveling /open mike/ festival for headphones) *

Please book your slot for 9 August 2008: LE PLACARD festival on
or contact us: contact@sound-delta.eu

LE PLACARD is a headphone concert festival. As part of the European
Sound Delta project, over a hundred of these festivals will take place
in different cities along the Rhine and Danube. LE PLACARD is an /open
mike/ program, providing headphone spaces for any artist or musician
that would like to perform in the programme. Interested performers
should register online on forehand, using the project website.
Rhine-Danube Placards consist of series of 30 minutes performances, open
to the participation of local art or musical acts.

V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media
Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

V2_ in Rotterdam will be the fourth stop of the European Sound Delta
traveling festival, featuring the following two-day program:

*Friday 8 August 2008: Live Shows*
Joachim Montessuis (F) - Tamara Albaitis (US) - Sillyconducttor (RO) -
Kevin Logan (UK) - Maria Balabas (RO) And direct live stream from
Vukovar (Croatia): Igor Strangliczky (SRB) - Ludger Henning (GER) -
Start 21:00h
Entrance fee: 3 euros

*Saturday 9 August 2008: LE PLACARD festival*
Open mike headphone concerts for headphoned people.
Non stop live performances
19:00h - 01:00h
Entrance free

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