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[Nettime-nl] V2_ Reminder: Test_Lab: Happiness 10 July

Sorry for crossposting

*Test_Lab: Happiness*

July 10, 20:00h, V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Eendrachtsstraat
10, Rotterdam.

Bas Haring (University of Leiden)

This Test_lab will showcase a selection of 2008’s most outstanding
graduation projects from some of the finest European art academies and
universities. Together, the demonstrated works will broaden our horizons
regarding a young generation’s utopian, esoteric, and psychedelic views
on our technology-driven world of mediated intimacy, ubiquitous
interaction, and extended bodies. Prepare for an evening full of
electronic artworks dealing with today’s notions of peace, love, and

*<3 STEIM*
To support STEIM in a grim time in which its structural funding is at
risk, this edition of Test_Lab will feature performances by current
STEIM members Byungjun Kwon and dj sniff.

Full program info at www.v2.nl

*Media Technology MSc exhibition*

/Six years of creative research/

July 10, 15:00h, Former Nederlands Fotomuseum, Witte de Withstraat 63,
(Exhibition opening: July 10, from 17:00h to 18:30h (opening lecture at

Preceding Test_Lab: Happiness on the 10th of July, Six years of
creative research will open in the former Nederlands Fotomuseum on
the Witte de Withstraat. The exhibition will feature selected works by
students from the Media Technology programme; a joined initiative by
Leiden University's computer science institute (LIACS) and the Faculty
of Creative and Performing Arts.

Full program info at www.v2.nl

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