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[Nettime-nl] Imaginary Property, symposium June 6, 2008

Jan van Eyck Event

Friday 6 June
16:00 – 20:00
Florian Schneider, Franco Berardi Bifo, Anselm Franke
Imaginary Property
— symposium
— auditorium


The symposium Imaginary Property, introducing the research project by 
the same name, explores new potentials for design practices across 
various registers at the intersections of design-theory and 
image-production. What challenges emerge from the paradoxes that 
research into ‘imaginary property’ has given rise to? How could these 
potentially generate new rules of production, bearing in mind that 
property relations are constantly exchanging meaning? Do we have to 
rethink and re-evaluate the notion of ‘design’ against this background?


16:00  welcome 

16:10  Florian Schneider

16:55  Franco Berardi Bifo

17:40  Anselm Franke

18:25  break 

18:45  round-table discussion 

Florian Schneider “Imaginary Property” 

What was formerly known as "information society" has turned into an 
image economy based on the techniques of imaging information or turning 
information into images. Images act as storage units for framed 
portions of psychic realities that can be duplicated without 
significant loss and can be distributed almost in real time. 
Consequently, the image turns out as both subjected to processes of 
design and as designing processes of subjectivation. 

Franco Berardi Bifo “After the Future” 

In the 20th century Futurism, in its Italian and Russian variant, has 
become the leading force of "Imagination" and "Project", giving rise to 
the language of commercial advertising and the language of political 
agit propaganda. Cyberculture as the last utopia ended in a clash and 
it has left behind a growing system of virtual life and actual death, 
of virtual knowledge and actual war. Ever since, the artistic 
imagination has seemed unable to do away with fear and despair. How can 
we find a path beyond the limits of the "Dystopian Kingdom"?

 Anselm Franke “Animism” 

Anselm Franke’s presentation is based on research for two exhibition 
projects that deal with the notions of ‘Soul’ and ‘Animism’ – terms 
that have figured as the Other in rationalizing modernity, signifying 
an ambiguous history in which the relation between the psyche, 
imagination and modernity is at stake. 

Franco Berardi Bifo is writer, media theorist and media activist. He 
founded the magazine A/traverso (1975-1981) and was part of the staff 
of Radio Alice, the first free pirate radio station in Italy 
(1976-1978). Like others involved in the political movement of 
Autonomia in Italy during the 1970s, he fled to Paris, where he worked 
with Felix Guattari in the field of schizoanalysis. During the 1980s he 
contributed to the magazines Semiotexte (New York), Chimerees (Paris), 
Metropoli (Rome), Musica 80 (Milan) and Archipielago (Barcelona). In 
the 1990s he published Mutazione e Ciberpunk (Genoa 1993), Cibernauti 
(Rome 1994), Felix (Rome, 2001) and Generacion Postalfa (Buenos Aires). 
He is currently collaborating on the magazine Derive Approdi and 
teaches the social history of communication at the Academy of Fine Arts 
in Milan. He is the co-founder of the e-zine rekombinant.org and of the 
telestreet network. 

Anselm Franke is a curator and writer based in Antwerp. He is currently 
director of Extra City Center for Contemporary Art in Antwerp, and 
co-curator of Manifesta 7 in Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy, taking place 
in the Summer of 2008. Recent projects include Mimetisme at Extra City, 
No Matter How Bright the Light, the Crossing Occurs at Night at Extra 
City and KW Berlin (2006, with Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Ines Schaber 
and Judith Hopf). He was the curator of KW Institute for Contemporary 
Art in Berlin until 2006, where he curated exhibitions such as 
Territories. Islands, Camps and Other States of Utopia (2003); Image 
Archives (2001/2002); The Imaginary Number (2005, together with Hila 
Peleg) and B-Zone – Becoming Europe and Beyond. He has edited and 
published publications with Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König and 
others and is a contributor to various magazines. Anselm Franke is 
currently a PhD candidate in Visual Cultures/Center for Research 
Architecture at Goldsmiths College London, and the co-curator of the 
Forum Expanded of the Berlinale/International Film Festival Berlin. 

Florian Schneider is a filmmaker, based in Munich. He was one of the 
initiators of the campaign Kein Mensch ist illegal (No one is illegal) 
at HybridWorkspace/Documenta X (1997) and subsequent projects such as 
the Noborder network and the online-platform Kein.org He has published 
widely about subjects at the crossing between mainstream and 
independent media, art and activism, theory and technology. As a 
filmmaker he directed several award-winning documentaries as well as 
two theme evenings for the German-French TV station Arte on the topics 
of migration and activism. He developed and co-organized events such as 
Makeworld (Munich 2001), Neuro-Networking Europe (Munich 2004), 
Borderline Academy (Tarifa 2005) and various smaller conferences, 
workshops, gatherings. He has been developing and curating the 
multimedia performance project Dictionary of War (Frankfurt, Munich, 
Graz, Berlin, Novi Sad) and Summit – non-aligned initiatives in 
education culture (with Irit Rogoff). Currently he is working on 
Imaginary Property, a series of texts, films and video installations 
researching the question, "What does it mean to own an image?" He has 
lectured at museums, galleries, art academies, conferences worldwide. 
Since 2006 he is part of the PhD programme Research Architecture at 
Goldsmiths College, London. He teaches art theory at the art academy 
KIT of NTNU Trondheim and is advising researcher Design at the Jan van 
Eyck Academie, Maastricht.

Candidates interested in this project can apply by submitting a 
research proposal. Selected candidates gain the position of researcher 
at the Design department of the Jan van Eyck Academie.
For more information on the practical side of your application, 
financial questions, and other matters, please consult the website or 
contact the academy via Leon Westenberg, leon.westenberg@janvaneyck.nl, 
telephone +31 (0)43 350 37 24.

The project will start as of 1 September 2008.

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