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[Nettime-nl] [OKNO] Saturday 30/5 Symbiosis #2 Performance | Jan-kees van Kampen and Arjen Keesmaat

symbiosis #2 agents of collaborative performance | 31st of May at 20h

OKNO - artist run organisation for art and mediatechnology - brussels                                                 

For the second installment of Symbiosis, we invite Dutch artists Jan-Kees van Kampen (aka vacca, GOTO10) and Arjen Keesmaat for an electronic music performance.
So please come over for some sound bites and a drink at the OKNO HQ.


OKNO Koolmijnenkaai 34 Quai aux Charbonnages - Brussels - Belgium    
public transport: metro Graaf van Vlaanderen/Comte de Flandre -- Tram18                                               

With the kind support of the Flemisch authorities and the VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie). 

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