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[Nettime-nl] Live @ MS Stubnitz: Bronnt Industries Kapital play their new music to "Häxan" & Lawrence English

25-11-2007 // 20:30 // 7 Euro

MS Stubnitz @ NDSM Amsterdam:

Bronnt Industries Kapital present "Häxan"

A special live performance of Bronnt Industries Kapital new "Häxan" soundtrack.
"A truly stunning piece of cinema history, Häxan, directed by Benjamin Christensen, features grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns, baby sacrifices and an unforgettable depiction of a satanic sabbath. Bronnt's soundtrack matches Christensen's extraordinary depiction of historical witchcraft with a totally unique, otherworldly and constantly shifting musical landscape ranging from chilling electrical/concret passages to joyous electro-acoustic ensemble pieces." 
>From the DVD sleeve:
"Bronnt were initially instructed to perform a live soundtrack for Häxan at the Cube Cinema, Bristol by the Aetas Arcanum organisation, of which little is known. It soon became a major inspiration, obsession even. In the same way much of Häxan's oppressive cinematography was achieved through filming at night, Bronnt's exclusively nocturnal recording schedule similarly evokes the awe of the sabbat. The score uses a wide range of instrumentation including clockwork devices, phillicorda, mellotron, tone generators, grand piano, acoustic and electric guitar and clarinet, with much elaborate electrical processing and manipulation to achieve a distinctly otherworldly quality. The final recording was mixed live by Guy Bartell and Anton Maiovvi through an intimidating array of analog delays, plate reverbs and magnetic tape machines."

Lawrence English (Room40)

Lawrence English is media artist, composer and critic based in Brisbane, Australia.
Working across a broad range of investigations, English?s work is eclectic and characterises a long-term exploration into various themes including audio/visual environments, found sound/vision, subtle transformation of public space and sonic art works that exist at the very edge of perception.
For over a decade, English?s audio explorations have sprawled across a range of areas. Sonically, the work calls into question the established relationships between sound and structure ? traversing experimental soundscapes and free improvisation to sheering rhythmic works and concréte-influenced compositions, his published works span a dynamic array of fields. London?s Time Out referred to his output as ?ambient twisted soundscapes and challenging sonic scree?, and U.S. sound journal, Signal To Noise described English?s work as ?extraordinarily gorgeous modern music concréte?. 
In recent years English has performed and improvised with the likes of David Toop, Terry Riley, Keith Whitman, Ami Yoshida, Steinbruchel, Damo Suzuki, Marina Rosenfeld, DJ Olive, Philip Samartzis, Scanner, Tetuzi Akiyama, Janek Schaefer and KK Null.
Lawrence also curates the burgeoning ROOM40 imprint and organises numerous events.

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MS Stubnitz // NDSM // Amsterdam-Noord // tt Neveritaweg
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