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[Nettime-nl] Reminder: V2_ Call for proposal | Wearable technology

Call for artist-in-residency proposals on:

Wearable technology

V2_Lab, the artistic Research & Development (aRt&D) department of V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has a vacancy for a 2 month artist-in-residence on Wearable technology in the period 15 January - 15 April 2008.

Deadline 1 December 2007

V2_Lab is a workspace for artists, scientists and technicians emphasizing the encounter and exchange between different disciplines. Main areas of the V2_Lab's aRt&D are: Interactivity and Alternative Interfacing, Wearable Technology, Virtual Reality, Multi-user Environments.

The last few years have seen many exciting new developments in the field of wearable technology. However, the impact of these developments on everyday design practices has so far not reached the level anticipated. This can, at least partly, be attributed to the fairly limited generic quality of most of these new developments. Typically, promising new wearable technologies are developed for one specific implementation and then never again used because of the large efforts required to re-implement the developed technology in new projects.

On the basis of this observation, V2_Lab chose to develop the telematic technology used to realise the recently finished Soft(n) project in a generic way. Resulting in technology that is easy to generalize to a great variety of possible implementations of wearable artistic expressions.

The wearable technology components available for this residency are based on a custom daughterboard for the Gumstix embedded computing platform and custom firmware called SIOS (Sensor Input/Output System), developed at V2_Lab. It allows for versatile sensor and actuator development, while the use of open standards for communication, such as OSC and Apple's Bonjour, keep the platform accessible to many different applications.

V2_Lab is now looking for new and innovative uses of the SIOS technology in order to further develop its uses and capabilities. Therefore, V2_lab calls for artist-in-residency proposals describing an artistic Research & Development project on wearable technologies, preferably in relation to smart textiles.

The artist receives:
- grant up to 4.000,- EUR;
- free lodging;
- technical support in research and realisation;
- access to technical equipment (time planning depending on availability);
- travel expenses up to 250 EUR;

The residence has a duration of 8 weeks max and should take place between 15 January 2008 and 15 April 2008

The deadline for application is 1 December 2007 and we expect applicants to fill out the attached application form. Incorrect or incomplete forms are not taken into consideration.

Application form
The application form is attached to this call for proposal. It is also downloadable on

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