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[Nettime-nl] First Art Rescue Team

 First Art Rescue Team

The First Art Rescue Team is founded on September 27, 2007 at its
inaugural meeting in the Conference Centre De Horst in Driebergen (The
Netherlands, Europe). Each artist present at this meeting has been
officially installed as a founding member of the First Art RescueTeam. 


You can still join us at Nieuwe Grond to rescue the world from


Goals of the First Art Rescue Team

1.      To rescue the world from indifference, through:

1.1    Art rescue parties

1.2    Personal art rescue interventions in private houses

1.3    Liberating rescue performance actions in government buildings, tv
studios, supermarkets, football stadiums, hospitals, schools,
universities, factories, corporate offices and the public domain.

2.      To prevent art from being limited by the actions of government,
the (cultural) elite, and mass-media.

3.      To update new territories for artistic activism through virtual
input and exchange

4.      To set up new educational models for art activism.

5.      To establish secret factories for art weapons.

6.      To train and finance undercover armies of artists for
intervention / rescue operations in villanious states.

7.      To encourage advanced research into the different connotations
of art in relation to activism and to restore succesfull concepts of
extreme art activism as a model.

8.      To bring artists in action as staff members in public, private,
health, education and business organisations & enterprises to renew
business policy, to refresh communications and to create inventive

9.      To create a worldwide fund for engaged artists and art activism.


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