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[Nettime-nl] [OKNO] Winter Reboot

:: OKNO Winter Reboot ::: :::: ::: :::: ::: ::: ::::: ::..::: ::: :

After spending the summer researching wireless networks and alternative energies and expanding the Reseau Citoyen network, OKNO kicks off its winter program.
We've been questioning our spatial habits and decided to move to a new, more functional and focused space. Our endless urge to redefine and reconfigure OKNO has led us to let go of old spaces granting us a new focus more inline with our upcoming projects.

:: Coming Up ::

28/9 -- 2/10 Trailer31 in Biella, Italy
Code31 goes for a late summer workshop to Biella, Italy. As every year, they will research their latest challenges in DIY fashion.
workshop (experiments in renewable-energy) at cittadelarte, in collaboration with bolwerK, concerning:
self-sustaining inflatable shelters
wireless mesh communication
Open Source Publishing
Meeting with linux user group
Take part in the uni-topi meetings

28/10 -- 29/10 Opening OKNO new space

28/10 15h -16h Connected performance over the Reseau Citoyen network for as part of the Radiophonic Festival.
Three locations pass their sounds onto each other over the network, manipulating the sound chain to a location specific performance. Performing artists are:
@OKNO: Isjtar
@Maison de la Creation: Stéphanie Laforce et Bruno Devuys
@RTT: 24 musicians 24 hour tone
http://www.oliviermeunier.be/ogeem/kiwi2/wiki/doku.php? id=i_m_sitting_under_an_antenna

28/10 -- 4/11 Se Mi Sei Vicino by Sonja Cillari
The interactive performance Se Mi Sei Vicino (If you are close to me) is a practical research into Body-Environment interaction and the possibilities of using the 'Body as Interface'. A core element of the work is a sensor floor on which a performer is standing, functioning as a human antenna; when coming close to or being touched by members of the audience, the movements of the bodies are registered as electromagnetic activity.

25/10 -- 28/10 PeopleDatabase Recombined (okno new space & radiophonic festival)
Annemie Maes proposes a series of 10 remixes out of the People Database. New York soundscapes create the background for contributions by the new york poet Kristin Prevallet. Her 'spoken word' reflections are infiltrated by viruses and as such the original texts and language will be slowly transformed.

:: Summer Recap ::

Custommade networks: workshops with RC and Patrick De Kooning
as part of okno's research into mesh networks, parallel networks and digital city urbanism

NoToVo (from Noise to Voice) shown at CCNOA brussels and Biella, Italy
a project investigating the behavior of language in its many appearances: textual, sonic and visual, as well as gestural or body language. How do these disparate elements relate to each other and how do they organize within a system, which includes human and computer as a sender and a receiver.

Karasssuite by Menschen haben Krisen in a networked performance on radio FRO, Linz
The Karasssuite is a multidisciplinary project that allows a variety of artists from different backgrounds to collaborate in a complex media piece, based on transformed quotes from 'Cat's Craddle' by Kurt Vonnegut (1963).

more info soon!

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