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[Nettime-nl] pedagogical faultlines workshop, Amsterdam, September 21-22 (er zijn nog plaatsen vrij)

Pedagogical Faultlines
International Workshop on Alternatives in Education
September 21 & 22, 2007, Amsterdam
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger
Workshop organized by Waag Society (Amsterdam), Sarai (Delhi) and the Institute of Network Cultures (Amsterdam).

URL: (Dutch and English version available)

Iedereen welkom! Er zijn nog plaatsen vrij. Aanmelden kan bij Lipika: (tel. 020-5579898).


9:30 – 10:00   Doors Open, Coffee/Tea

10:00 – 10:30 Opening Remarks
Frank Kresin, Waag Society (NL)
Geert Lovink, Institute of Network Cultures (NL)

10:30-13:00 Lectures

Non-Aligned Learning
Florian Schneider, (Germany)

Paulo Freire meets Tactical Media
Felipe Fonseca and Thiago Noveas, MetaReciclagem (Brasil)

The Blackmail of Lack
Prabhat Kumar Jha , Ankur (India).

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Break-Out Sessions

Room A: Authority of Knowledge?
Hans Pronk en Michael van Wetering, Kennisnet (NL)

Room B: Counter-Mapping Creative Industries in Hole in Beijing
Ned Rossiter, OrgNets (GB)

Room C: New technologies on the Internet for self-organising systems in e-learning
Sugata Mitra, Hole in the Wall (India) & Jerneja Rebernak (NL)

15:15-16:15  Break-Out Sessions

Room A: Laghu Riyaaz (Minor Practices)
Shveta Sarda, Cybermohalla (India)

Room B: Lifelong Competence Development
Henk Sligte and Judith Schooneboom, Tencompetence (NL)

Room C: Bringing statistics to life through an interactive world map
Frank van Cappelle, IIEP/ Unesco (NL)

16:30  Closing Lecture
Experiments in Legal Education
Lawrence Liang, Alternative Law Forum (India)

17:30 End


10:30 – 13:00u Lectures

Fill, Share, Preach, Teach, the Emergent World of Hindi Internet
Ravikant Sharma, Sarai (India)

CommonCitizen Radio
José Balbino, Descentro (Brasil)

Provisional Pedagogy, Provisional Practice
Rupali Gupte, Collective Research Initiatives Trust (India)

Location Based Playful Learning,
Henk van Zeijst, Waag Society (NL)

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Break-Out Sessions

Room A: Open knowledge and education at the new level of web paradigm
Danica Radovanovic (Serbia), together with Thiago Noveas (Brazil)

Room B: Sustainable Answers through Experiential Learning
Emer Beamer, Butterfly Works (NL)

Room C: Multiple Islam, Multiple Identities: a chain diary
Evelyn Raat, Imagine IC (NL)

15:15-16:15 Break-Out Sessions

Room A: Bank of Common Knowledge
Olivier Schulbaum, Platoniq (Spain)

Room B: Informal learning, school dropouts and the digital divide
Jan Lepeltak, The Amsterdam Computer Clubhouse (NL) &
Marja Verstelle, UrWay (NL)

Room C: Education & Technology
Wim Veen,  TU Delft (NL)

16:30 Closing Remarks and Open Debate
Additive or Alternative
Awadhendra Sharan, Sarai (India)

17:30 End

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