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[Nettime-nl] V2_ presents: TEST_LAB: PLAY!


TEST_LAB is a bimonthly public event hosted by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, that provides an informal setting for the demonstration, testing, presentation, and discussion of artistic research and development (aRt&D).

TEST_LAB: PLAY:  European art graduation projects 2007

Thursday, 12 July 2007, 8:00 p.m.
V2_Groundfloor, Eendrachtsstraat 10 , Rotterdam
entrance: free

TEST_LAB: PLAY! will feature a selection of the best European electronic-art graduation projects of 2007. The pieces have been selected according to originality and quality, and especially the way they use the concept of play - that is, the playfulness evoked by the work. At TEST_LAB: PLAY! these projects will be demonstrated, tested, and discussed among makers, audience and experts.

Play as a form of social interaction has a rich tradition in various branches of the arts. But it was only recently that human-centered-technology designers realized play offered interesting new approaches and techniques for the development of their field. This brings them together with contemporary artists who explore play by experimenting with a wide range of (often wearable) human-machine interfacing technologies. Such experiments often combine a strong DIY attitude toward technology design with a desire to take advantage of people's naive or intuitive understanding of technology through play. In TEST_LAB: PLAY! the audience and participants will test and discuss the approaches and techniques used to implement play. They will also discuss the broader context of the demonstrated work.

- Dobrze
by Dorota Walentynowicz (Interfaculty Image and Sound, The Hague)
- Block H.
by Faith Denham (Goldsmiths, University of London)
- CollecTic
by Jonas Hielscher (Media Technology, Leiden University)
-  Wi-Fi Straitjacket
by Gordan Savicic (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
- Paraphernalia
by Nancy Mauro-Flude (Piet Zwart Institute, Hogeschool Rotterdam)

Invited speakers:
Simon Jones (Human-Computer Studies, University of Amsterdam
Dirk Paesmans and Joan Heemskerk (

For more information, please contact Michel van Dartel (, +31-10-206-7272).
This event will be streamed live at:

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