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[Nettime-nl] Club Moral Stocklist 026 - Cross of the Good Death

A temporary digital release of Club Moral products for your pleasure.

We are releasing our full Club Moral Stocklist as a podcast. You can subscribe to the podcast using iTunes at the url below, or download individual issues with any web browser.

 Club Moral Stocklist 026 - Cross of the Good Death

Club Moral - Cross of the Good Death (C-30 cassette + poster)

A-01 - Drone - Ja/Oui
 A-02 - Goede Dood/Good Death
 A-03 - Death
 B-01 - Never on Wednesdays in Heaven
 B-02 - Now I Am Death

"Cross of the Good Death" was released in 1983 as a documentation of AMVK's exhibition "Hoeren en Profeten" at De Nieuwe Workshop in Brussels, and a performance by DDV at the Campo Santo cemetery in Gent.

The exhibition "Hoeren en Profeten" (Whores and Prophets) opened on 24 feb 1983. There were five series of works by AMVK:

 1.Hoeren (Tafels.Kruis)
 2.2Gevechten (Transport)
 3.3Profeten (Graf)
 4.4Honden (Flexor.Relax)
 5.Lichamen (Dwaal!).

In the large back building, amongst large piles of rubbles various works on show: paintings on perspex and mousse, drawings, blue-prints, mixed-media and drawings on the walls. On the opening night Club Moral performed live. AMVK stood on a large wooden "Carruga" by DDV, reading the text of "Goede Dood" by Pieter Cornelis Boutens. At the same time DDV hacked away the legs of a giant table with an axe, the sound of the hacking amplified by contact microphones.

Goede Dood wiens zuiver pijpen
 Door 't verstilde leven boort,
 Die tot glimlach van begrijpen
 Alle jong en schoon bekoort,

 Voor wien kinderen en wijzen
 Lachend laten boek en spel,
 Voor wien maar verkleumde grijzen
 Huivren in hun kille cel, -

 Mij is elke dag verloren,
 Die uw lokstem niet verneemt;
 Want dit land van most en koren
 Is mij immer schoon en vreemd;

 Want nooit beurde ik hier te drinken
 't Water dat de ziel verjongt,
 Of van dichtbij hief te klinken
 't Verre wijsje dat gij zongt:

 Alle schoon dat de aard kan geven,
 Blijkt een pad dat tot u voert,
 En alleen is leven leven
 Als het tot den dood ontroert.

Tracks 1, 2 & 3 include music from Arnold Schönberg, sounds from the movies "Never on Wednesdays" and "Eraserhead" and additional electronics.

Track 4 was recorded live on 17 sep 1983 on the occasion of an exhibition of Antwerp artists in Gent. "On the Campo Santo cemetary I digged a grave, when I lay in it it was closed. While the public was transported with buses to another location, I moved the grave to the Gele Zaal. There I was pulled out from it by my feet and movies and slides about Oppenheimer were projected onto my body, in a microphone I repeated: "Now I am death, the destroyer of worlds". The sound of my voice was electronically distorted into an unearthly grinding and thundering by Paul Hurst."
(from DDV's Performan Catalogue)

For the "Carruga" DDV built for the performance at De Nieuwe Workshop, he used a number of large beams from the floor of the building which was to be torn down. Afterwards it resided at the Club Moral in Antwerpen for a couple of years until it was refurbished and included in the 1985 Open Air exhibition "AutomoBiënnale" at the Middelheim Museum in Antwerpen. A huge metal cage was built on top and a running diesel engine was locked inside.
(a documentary movie about "Carruga" is available on YouTube)

"Goede Dood" is also a track on the first Club Moral Lp "To All Who Are Interested", released by Cthulhu Records in 1989.

After all the building at De Nieuwe Workshop wasn't torn down at all, it now houses a cultural centre "De Markten" and apparently they put in a new floor....


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EXTRA: a new release of Club Moral music

"Lonely Weekends" b/w "Gun"

a - Lonely Weekends
AMVK - electronics, DDV - electronics & vocals,
Etat Brut - electronics
recorded live in Stuttgart on 19 sep 1981

b - gun
AMVK - electronics, DDV - vocals,
Dylan - turntables, Mauro Pawlowski - guitar
recorded @ Club Moral on 23 may 2003
 mixed by Mauro Pawlowski

7" vinyl - cover by AMVK - ltd edition 500


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