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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Philip Jeck & Feedbacksociety at <tag>

>From 2007, STEIM will be collaborating with the TAG gallery in The Hague to
present innovative turntable performances. The next Touch Concert series
will feature the excellent Philip Jeck, known for his beautiful
and melancholic sound textures that are carefully woven together through
vintage turntables. This will be a rare chance to see him in an intimate
setting. In March, STEIM will present the first of its new concert series,
Turntable Music Night.     

dj sniff

<>touch 15
Philip Jeck

Date Thursday 15 February
Doors open 20:30
Concert starts 21:00
Entry 5 euros
Location <>TAG, Stille Veerkade 19 Den Haag
Reservations +31 (0)70 3468500 or

More about the concert

How to reach <>TAG

Note: this concert is taking place at <tag> in Den Haag.

More information on STEIM concerts:

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