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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Local Stop Concert on November 8

In the Local Stop concert series STEIM presents Rasmus Jørgensen, Sonsoles
Alonzo & Jorrit Tamminga, incidental trio Audrey Chen, Seamus Cater & Jeff
Carey and a short electronic composition by Robert van Heumen.

Date: Wednesday November 8
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hour
Entrance: 5 euro
Reservations and more information: or 020-6228690

Note: the order suggested here is not necessarily the order in which the
artists will appear.

Danish artist Rasmus Jørgensen works with the extended voice and physical
theater.  In his performances speech patterns become odd singing and
ordinary gestures spill into twisted dance.  He has an MA in Composition
from Mills College in Oakland, USA, and a BA in music from The University of
Oslo, Norway.  In addition to voice and composition, he has studied theater,
performance art and dance/choreography.  He is currently based in Oslo, but
performs frequently internationally. Jørgensen will perform two pieces:
'idle hands' and 'men in chairs'.

The electronic improvisations by pianist Sonsoles Alonso and Jorrit Tamminga
range from chaotic eclectic to intimate soundscapes. Alonso uses the entire
piano as instrument, Tamminga transforms and manipulates these sounds,
emancipating the role of the sound.

Sonsoles Alonso is a versatile pianist. The past ten years, she has forged,
from The Netherlands, where she lives since 1996, an impressive career with
solo performances both in The Netherlands and abroad, multidisciplinary
projects and concerts with other musicians and ensembles. Besides
interpreting a both classical and contemporary repertoire she improvises
with other musicians and explores the possibilities of live-electronics.
Recently she has been heard as a soloist during the Festival Traces of
Voices (Tilburg), Festival Punto Aparte (Spain), Randspiele Festival
(Berlin), EULEC (Lüneburg, Germany), AKBank (Istanbul), Treveszaal (Second
Chamber, The Hague), German Embassy in The Hague, Goethe Institute Boston
(US), Deep Listening Space of Pauline Oliveros (New Vanguard Series, New
York) and with different ensembles during the Gaudeamus Week, Suite
Muziekweek, Festival Boulevard (Den Bosch), Festival Spazio Musica
(Cagliari, Italy), 'Week van de Hedendaagse Kamermuziek', Festival 'Tango à
la carte' (Alkmaar) and the Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (Darmstadt, Germany).

Jorrit Tamminga (1973) studied Music & Technology at the Utrecht School of
the Arts and Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. During this
studies he concentrated on electronic composition, live electronics and
sound synthesis. In most of his works electronics play an important role. He
composed works for speakers only (Barst), string quartet en live electronics
(Powerchords), saxophone and live electronics (Klep Dicht!), carillon and
soundtrack (Inside Out) and gamelan and live electronics  (Tijdverspilling).
As a performer Tamminga plays live electronics in several ensembles such as
Herautronique with trumpetplayer Hans Leeuw and a duo with Sonsoles  Alonso.
Together with Martijn Buser he forms the dj-duo Rumor Soundsystem. Tamminga
teaches electronic music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam  and
sounddevelopment at Music & Technology.

Incidental trio Audrey Chen, Seamus Cater & Jeff Carey will combine the
extreme acoustic sounds of Chen on voice and cello with the extreme
electronic sounds of Carey on laptop, glued together by Cater on room
sampling and harmonica.

Seamus Cater is an English musician and composer resident in Amsterdam. His
musical output spans works for modern dance, improvised electro acoustic
music, jazz which is almost straight ahead, and new song forms in
electronica. He plays lots of different kinds of harmonica (big, small,
chromatic, diatonic), and he plays the laptop.

Playing music in many contexts, as a computer musician, electro-acoustic
composer and improviser, Jeff Carey's music ranges many aspects of computer
music from non real-time acousmatic composition, electro-acoustic
composition, to improvisation and performs in a number of units such as
Office-R(6), USA/USB, the acclaimed feedback project 87 Central, and
N-Collective related projects. Having spent years carrying around too much
heavy gear playing no-input mixer he is happy to trade for a laptop: with
feel that is more organic than digital -- drones, gentle and otherwise
multiply against hyperactive noise bursts and crackling phrasing.

Audrey Chen is a Chinese-American musician and performance artist born
outside of Chicago in 1976. Using the cello, voice and analog electronics,
Chen¹s work focuses on the combination and layering of traditional and
extended techniques. A large component of her music is improvised and her
approach to this is often extremely personal and visceral. Her performance
work incorporates sound, movement and simple visual/sculptural concepts.
Chen performs solo and in collaboration with a wide number of musicians and
dancers. Some current projects include duos with Gianni Gebbia, Tatsuya
Nakatani, Alessandro Bosetti and Nate Wooley. Chen is currently based in
Baltimore, MD, USA where she is a member of the Red Room and High Zero
collective, an on-going series and festival devoted to experimental music.

Robert van Heumen (1968/NL) is electronic composer and musician, making
electronic music in the studio and on stage. Recent compositions include the
5.1 composition '12 Bullets' for STEIM's Noiseroom, music for the
choreography 'STAU' by Anouk van Dijk, and the audio-visual composition
'Solitude' (with multi-media artist Arnoud Noordegraaf) based on a book by
Paul Auster. He is active as a member of the electro-acoustic sextet
OfficeR, electronic audio-visual trio SKIF++ and part of the N Collective,
and has shared the stage with Michel Waisvisz, Jeff Carey, Oguz Buyukberber,
Anne LaBerge, Guy Harries, Daniel Schorno, Luc Houtkamp, Roddy Schrock and
Nate Wooley. 
Van Heumen will present part one of his 5.1 surround composition 'Fury
(after anger)', commisioned by the Sonic Circuits festival 2006.

{ the Local Stop concert series is curated by Robert van Heumen }

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