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[Nettime-nl] Call for Applications for 4 International Residencies

Call for Applications for 4 International Residencies

European Culture2000 funding has enabled ISIS Arts (UK) and international
project partners BEK (Norway), InterSpace (Bulgaria ) and RIXC (Latvia) to
have one international artist in residence in each of the four countries
around the theme of European identity.

The overall programme is entitled ?at Home in Europe? and facilitates the
movement and exchange of artists and media art in four countries with a
very different take on Europe. This one-year project questions whether
there is such a thing as European identity and how it relates to national


Professional artists from Latvia, Norway, Bulgaria and the UK are invited
to apply for a three-month residency at one of the international media
arts organisations listed below. Artists working in a variety of media
including video, film, animation, interactive art, streaming media,
digital photography, web-based art, sound art or (interactive)
installation are invited to apply.
The outcomes will be made available through a website documenting work in

All residencies are for three months between February 2007 and June 2007.
Each host organisation offers a studio space and living accommodation for
these three months.

The successful artists will receive a fee of 5000 euro and there will be a
small production budget which is administered by each host organisation.
The artists will work creatively and innovatively with technology to
produce work related to the theme.

As a small part of each residency, the artists spend 5 days to deliver and
prepare workshops with young people which will be set up by the partner
organisations in collaboration with the artist.

Please indicate first, second and third choice of the organisation where
you want to do the residency.

To apply please send:

A project proposal, maximum 2 sheets of A4, clearly indicating technical
requirements, including equipment/technical support provided by the
Documentation of previous work (Audio, Video (DVD), max 10 minutes)
A filled in application form
A current CV
A stamped addressed envelope for the return of materials

Applications to be sent to: RIXC, 11 Novembra Krastmala 35 -201
 LV 1050 Riga, Latvia

Application deadline is the 7th of December 2006 for receipt of applications
Interviews will take place at the host organizations on the 15th of
January 2007
(Short-listed artists will receive travel and overnight expenses)

Artists applying must demonstrate the following:

The ability to research, interpret and present ideas
An interest in working with the project theme
Experience of using digital media in the creation of art works
Experience of producing own work for public dissemination
Experience of working on fixed term residencies with deadlines

Information on host organizations:


ISIS Arts is a not-for-profit arts organization in Newcastle upon Tyne
(UK) which was founded in 1991. ISIS promotes the making, presentation and
exchange of experimental media art through residency, commissioning and
training opportunities for artists.

ISIS programme seeks to address themes of identity and cultural
understanding and we engage with artists to produce work that challenges
and presents social issues within new contexts.

ISIS works creatively with digital media providing a city-centre studio
space for regional and international artists. For this residency ISIS can
offer some access to video and sound editing equipment, and multimedia and
web based software (on Mac platform). For a full list of available
software please check the website.

The residency at ISIS is open to any artist who creatively addresses the
project theme.

For more information contact:
Adinda van ?t Klooster, ISIS Arts, Phone number: + 44 - (0)191-2614407
Email: or


RIXC, Center for new media culture, was founded in 2000 in Riga, Latvia
(on the base of E-LAB, since 1996).

RIXC's specific expertise & fields of interest include: Acoustic Space Lab
(for streaming media, sound art, networked radio experiments and
art/science collaboration), Media Architecture (for exploring intersection
of post-modern architectonics and information networks), Locative Media
(for collaborative mapping, location based art and mobile networking).
RIXC would be like to receive residency proposals related to their fields
of interest, but not necessarily limited to them.

In terms of resources RIXC can provide access to: RIXC's Mediatheca (for
research), Media Lab (for audio/video productions on Mac platform, internet
radio / streaming on Linux/Win/PC), Media Space (for public presentations),
and visiting/co-working opportunities in RIXC's partner places - i.e. at
the K@2 center in Liepaja Karosta (

For more information contact: / Rasa Smite (
Tel. +371-7228478, Fax: +371-7228477


BEK, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts, is a non-profit organization
situated in Bergen, Norway, providing resources and knowledge for artists
and others working in the field of arts and new technology.

BEK specialises in the development and distribution of open source software
and has a transdisciplinary approach to artistic practice, including
live art, sound art, theatre productions, electronic and electro-acoustic
music, installation work and performance. We can offer access to editing
and recording equipment for sound and video, a small electronics worklab,
and support in the use of open source software.

Phone number: +47 - 55233080 or email


InterSpace is an artistic association based in Sofia, Bulgaria, which was
founded in 1998 to foster creativity in the field of arts, new media and
technologies. InterSpace works on the development of all areas where
creativity in new media is concerned: education and research, production
and distribution, building capacity and community.

InterSpace offers facilities for audio and video production, support in
the use of free and open source software, web based and multimedia
InterSpace is interested in hosting an artist working in the field of
audio-visual productions, films, interactive works, or artistic projects
using free and open source software.

For more information contact:
Galia Dimitrova, InterSpace
Phone number: + 359 ? 2 9834843 or email

--------------- apologies for any cross posting ----------------

5 Charlotte Square,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Tel: +44(0)191 2614407

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