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[Nettime-nl] Mediamatic workshop: RFID and the Internet of Things

Upcoming workshop: RFID and The Internet of Things
11, 12, 13 September 2006
@ Mediamatic Amsterdam

After a succesfull CrashCourse in May, Mediamatic now presents a second workshop on RFID and The Internet of Things.

RFID allows for the unique identification of objects, and any kind of online data can be linked to these unique ID's. If RFID becomes an open web-based platform, and users can tag, share, and contribute content to the digital existence of their own places and objects, we can truly speak of an Internet of Things. This opens perpectives for new sustainability scenario's, for new relations between people and the stuff they have, and for other locative applications.

The participants of this workshop will develop critical, utopian or nightmarish concepts for an Internet of Things in a hands-on way. Ideas can range from scripts for small new rituals to outlines of societal changes of epic scale. Prototypes can be tested with the workshop tools The Symbolic Table or the Nokia3220 phone with RFID reader.

The workshop has room for 16 designers, artists, thinkers and makers. Participation fee is €350 per person, ex BTW. Lunches, technical equipment and assistance are included. If you want to participate in this workshop, please register at our online registration form:

For questions or more information, surf to http://www.mediamatic.net/ workshops,

mail to workshops@mediamatic.nl, or call Klaas Kuitenbrouwer: +31 20 6389901.

Lonneke Theelen Logistic workshop coordinator

[T] +31 (0) 20 638 99 01
[F] +31 (0) 20 638 79 69
[W] www.mediamatic.net

Visiting address:
Post CS building
5th floor south
Oosterdokskade 5
1011 AD  Amsterdam

Mail address:
P.O. Box 17490
1001 JL  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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