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[Nettime-nl] :: Call for Entries VERSCH ::

:: Call for Entries VERSCH ::
VERSCH is a new evening program for young artists featuring the latest developments in electronic music, new media and performance. A showcase of installations, performance, live-cinema VJ-ing, live music and DJ-ing.

The synergy between image and sound in installation and/ or performance form are one of the characteristics of the audiovisual projects. New approaches in the form and the position of the performers/ the public towards the work are central.
The music doesn’t conform to one style and moves into the direction of eclectic pop/rock/dance, electro(punk), deep-house and minimal. Fresh, accessible compositions and cross-over are the key words.

The Artists (performers, musicians/ producers) can introduce their work to the organization by filling in the Call for Entries at correctly. Please add representative project documentation to your entry.

Arjen Bangma

Beyond Expression

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