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[Nettime-nl] March 3: ASCII discussion evening - Women's Technology groups (Modified by Geert Lovink)

Starting March 2006, we will host weekly discussion programs about
contemporary issues in technology, politics and society, and where they
overlap of course. Those programs will focus on one wider theme which is
set monthly. The discussions can be followed live in the ASCII, received
online as mp3 stream or downloaded later from our site.

In the first month we want to focus on the gender related issues of
technology use, production, reception and - of course - criticism.
Throughout this month, we will invite several guests who are actively
engaged in breaking down the conventions around the gendered aspects of
technology and discuss with them about their experiences, impressions
problems and naturally also the good and rewarding aspects of such activism.

On our first discussion evening. we want to take a look at women's
groups with a clear tech aspect. We are going to focus on
computer-technology related groups, and have invited guests who are
engaged in running such a group and organize larger international
gatherings of like-minded women, breaking the mold of geek clubs
stereotypically comprised of slightly socially inept males.

Everyone who has ever been at a hackmeeting, a hacklab or any similar
event or place has probably got the impression that computer user's
groups are usually comprised of somewhat socially challenged - or at
least slightly geeky - male individuals with certain common
stereotypical qualities. The programmer, the hardware expert, the
system-administrator ... those words probably conjure up some sort of
male image in most people's minds.
That's not all there is to it, though. They are out there: The geek
girls, the female techies and the media activist women with their
customized laptops running this typical computergeek thing called Linux.
They have their own user's groups, support networks and hackmeetings,
and they become more and more common and widespread.

On this evening we want to introduce you to some of them, and let them
tell you what it is like to be a female computergeek, hacktivist or just
plain Linux user.

The discussion will be going on live on Friday 3rd of March between
19:00 and 20:00 in the ASCII (Javastraat 38HS), and streamed online at (mp3 player needed)

The content of the show will be recorded and can later be downloaded at: technology/technology-related-women-s-groups/

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