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[Nettime-nl] Thinktank Program

Thinktank 0.1 Conversations

From Monday 20th until Friday 25th the Thinktank project
organizes five conversations on different aspects of
online collaboration. Please join these talks online or
in the project space Public Space With A Roof.

Conversations take place via the chat program ARSC
(A Really Simple Chat). Log in at the indicated times to
join the exchange at
If you visit us in the project space, please bring – if you
have – your laptop and a headset. We will document the talks
on the platform every day.
Here you can also contribute, comment and ask questions.



--> Monday February 20th from 3 pm
--> Look at the network / Day to day practices of
exchange: Talk with self-organized projects on
motivations, advantages and difficulties within
collaborative work, and how these relate to online
With (among others):
Universität in Gründung (Informal University, DE)
Public Space With A Roof (artist-run space, NL)

--> Tuesday February 21st from 2pm
--> Social Exchange Networks / Social Capital
Conversation on social exchange values in artistic and
creative practices.
With (among others):
Doris Rothauer (author of Kreativität und Kapital, AT)
Hinrich Sachs (artist, CH/DE)
Tanguy Coenen (researcher social networking systems, BE)
Daniela Paes-Leao (artist, P/NL)

--> Wednesday 22nd from 2pm
--> Virtual Values
Can artistic collaborations propose practices that
create and negotiate values, establish trust,
make agreements, and integrate inefficiency?
With (among others):
Jeanne van Heeswijk (artist, NL)
Sandra Fauconnier (web-researcher, BE/NL)
Roé Cerpac (artist, NL)

--> Thursday 23rd from 3 pm
--> Heterogeneous Knowledge Groups
How to create the mutual understanding necessary for
interdisciplinary exchanges? On meeting points between
different social and professional fields.
With (among others):
Antony Hudek (researcher theory US/NL)
Kent Hansen (artist, DK)
Tanguy Coenen (researcher social networking systems, BE)
Henrik Schrat (artist, DE)

--> Friday 24th from 3 pm
--> How to design / program for participation
How does the role of the designer change in
collaborative content creation, and how does one
create and use virtual participative structures?
With (among others):
Jouke Kleerebezem (designer, FR/NL)
Auke Touwslager (media-designer, NL)
Marthe van Dessel (media-designer, BE)
Selina Bütler, Paul Gangloff
and Matthias Kreutzer (designer, CH/FR/DE)
Sandra Fauconnier (web-researcher, BE/NL)
Richard Vijgen (designer, NL)



skypename: thinktank-congress

Public Space With A Roof
Overtoom 301
Tram 1 from CS to Jan Pieter Heijestraat



--> ARSC
We will communicate primarily through the program ARSC,
A Really Simple Chat. Starting from short prepared
statements we will discuss different questions. ARSC can
also be used for the participating public to pose
questions. ARSC is very simple and requires no installation.
It can be tested at

--> Skype
We will talk in parallel to the remote participants
through skype. Since it allows only a limited number of
participants to join in, we will also post regular
short written summaries. Record Conversations will be
summarized throughout the sessions on the platform
and updated during the conversations.

--> Platform
The platform will be used to summarize discussion rounds
as well as to create / view the profiles of discussion

--> Space
The discussion partners present in the space will also be
asked to communicate predominantly through ARSC, skype
and the platform, so that their contributions are visible
to remote partners.

--> Newsletters
Each day excerpts of the previous day's conversation are
edited and sent out as newsletters.

--> Publication
The generated materials (records, chat-histories,
newsletters) will be compiled into a publication by
March 2006 using a printing on demand format.


Thinktank 0.1
A groupware research and development project

Inga Zimprich, project lead
Elske Rosenfeld, research coordination

Advisors: Jeanne van Heeswijk, Jouke Kleerebezem

- Workshops at Public Space With A Roof, Amsterdam
during February 2006
- The communication platform is developed by
Ingrid Stoijnic & Bert Balcaen
- Publication design by Selina Bütler, Paul Gangloff
and Matthias Kreutzer
- The research will be published in March 2006 in a
POD - printing on demand model, inspired by magazine for culture and
politics after the net.
- Thinktank is supported by Jan van Eyck Academie and
Thinktank is guest of Het Blauwe Huis, a residency for
the mind
- Thinktank collaborates with Knosos, a software
development project run at the Vrije Universiteit
Brussels and Hoogeschool Mechelen, BE
- The groupware Thinktank will be based on

Public Space With A Roof
is supported by Mondriaan Foundation


Public Space With A Roof
Is a non-profit, artist-run project space
located in the old Film Academy, OT301
Overtoom 301,
1054 HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For an appointment you can reach us by email or call:
Tel: +31 (0) 611174239, Tel: +31 (0) 628128003
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