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[Nettime-nl] nieuws over technopartner

Fundraising across Europe: governments show some teeth


In its aim to promote investments in innovations, TechnoPartner (an initiative by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs) announced the first allocations of its Seed-facility. This regulation allows investors in seed-stage companies to improve their risk/return trade-off by matching the funds committed to by the investor. Given the recent Dutch scarcity of VC funds under management, the interest for the regulation was tremendous with 14 applications received. The first 5 funds have been selected with funds totaling 33.2 million euro - TechnoPartner contributed 16.6 million euro to this amount. The winners were Aglaia Oncology Seed Fund, Business Angels Technostarters, Seed Fund III, Solid Ventures and Prime Technology Ventures Technostarter. TechnoPartner's budget for 2006 amounts to 24 million, for which closed-end VC funds can apply January 1 to March 31. Solid Ventures comments in a statement on its election that "recent positive developments in the Dutch ICT sector demonstrate that The Netherlands is an excellent, but completely underserved source of innovative technology." The fund will focus on investments in startup and early-stage Dutch enterprises in the IT, communications, digital media and technology-based services.

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