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[Nettime-nl] Mohammed Mongrel (Modified by Geert Lovink) [u]

Mohammedb.jpg - a new work by mongrel commissioned by the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant


Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004, Amsterdam: film-maker Theo Van Gogh was found murdered in the early morning. His throat was slit and two knives were left implanted in his torso. One knife pinned a five-page note to his body. Mohammed Bouyeri, a 26-year-old man of Dutch and Moroccan descent, was apprehended by the police after being shot in the leg. In Dutch media he was subsequently referred to as "Mohammed B."

One of the first pictures of "Mohammed B." began to be circulated on Thursday, November 4th at 15:37:07, 2004. This image seemed to be derived from a photocopy of an identification card (http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~rvano/mohammedb.gif).

The most frequent image of mohammedb.jpg first appears on Monday, November 29th at 12:59:52, 2004 (www.geenstijl.nl/mohammedb.jpg). It then spreads throughout the following day:

Mon Nov 29 21:18:14 2004 matar.web-log.nl/MohammedBouyeriOS.jpg
Mon Nov 29 21:36:59 2004 wtr.stratfor.com/mohammed.gif
Mon Nov 29 21:36:59 2004 www.aivd.lookingat.us/mohammed.gif
Mon Nov 29 21:48:00 2004 www.112-mail.net/mohammedb.jpg

From these seeds "mohammedb.jpg" populates the network

Mohammedb.jpg was commissioned by the Dutch newspaper "Volkskrant" for their "Oog" project which creates a podium to focus on the image as news and commentary.



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