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[Nettime-nl] Crystalpunk Workshop: 01 October 2005: Machines for a Room

Workshop: Machines for a Room
Saturday October 1
crystalpunk location: Oudenoord 275, Utrecht

Now that crystalpunks have found a room what are they
going to do with it? The "Crystalpunk Workshop for
Soft Architecture" is all about inventing, and perhaps
even building, abstract machines that can help us
explain, transform and experience our daily habitats
in all dimensions of space and time. Interfaces in
sound and vision, crystalline object recognition and
motion tracking, speculative scopes and frames, bots
and robots, little minds and responsive agents,
taxonomies and graphs, browsers and streams, games and
aids for reflection, maps and simulations, static
objects and evolving entities, philosophies and tools
for collaboration, plug-ins for existing frameworks
and brand new languages to describe and extend the
room in.

We are our rooms roomology tells us. In what way can
technology help us to reinvent our living spaces and
consequently ourselves. Crystalpunk, as our manifesto
famously states, makes no distinctions between mind
and machines, changing one changes the other. Most of
the research in soft architecture or one of the
hundred other names it is called by, is on control, on
being on top of the information curve, bossing around
the operation system. This is obviously not what
crystalpunks are after. Without bothering if we can
actually built what we can think of, this workshop
will explore ideas for their poetic value.

After a small introduction on some previous work to
seed your imagination, this afternoon will be a
massive sprawling brainstorm that will leave you
exhausted with possibilities and enthralled with
opportunities. From this point on the Crystalpunk
Workshop for Soft Architecture will slowly turn
red-hot from increasing activity.

Participation is free, please let us know if you will
come or if you want to know more.


Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture

"What the Elephant Man is to the Athletic Body, the Crystalpunk Room 
will be to the Smart House"



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